PREVIEW: Interview with A&E Physician on Sweden’s COVID Response

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🤩 WOW! Just finished interviewing Swedish A&E Physician Sebastian Rushworth. Ready early next week. 👇🏼

🇸🇪 After this 1.5h podcast interview, we will once and for all put all this emotional debate on Sweden to rest.

👨‍⚕️All the Swedish insight you need regarding their culture, lifestyle and their “population density” as it relates to the COVID-19 response… all in one place, and from the #horsesmouth.

😍 We covered SO MUCH. You’ll love it. After hearing this, you’ll be able to hold your own on Swedish #covid debate with confidence.

Here are some of the questions Sebasian answers:

  • What was it like going through mar/apr in the A&E dept?
  • Sweden 101 – culture, lifestyle, population density, urban life, obedience.
  • What is Life like NOW in Sweden? – News, How Normal, Permanent cultural changes
  • Sweden’s Testing Regime – is it any different to UK?
  • What is Sweden’s Flu Season like normally?
  • Is Anders spooked? – Is he messaging an intent for stronger measures?
  • Comparison to Nordic Neighbours – What made Sweden more susceptible?
  • Does Sweden now have Effective Herd Immunity?
  • Antibodies and T cells – What is driving people to have such incorrect ideas about the Immune System?
  • What concerns does he have? 
  • What does he think of UK, France, Spain etc, and is it too late to start following the science?



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