The COVID-19 House of Cards

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🥁 Beat this drum relentlessly! The elephant in the room continues to be ignored in the hope it will be overshadowed by scary figures that this deceitful system creates…

🥵 I sense a fatigue from those that have exposed the deeply flawed testing strategy, associated test, and lack of honest clinical diagnosis.

🎖 Whether it be Dr Mike Yeadon, Prof Carl Heneghan, engineer Ivor Cummins, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, and countless other academics and seasoned scientists across the globe…

…they (and AdapNation) are tirelessly working every angle possible to expose the depths of deceit throughout this Pandemic response.

😫 BUT, by providing context to current data means they drop the ball on whistleblowing regarding testing and diagnosis.

🙉 I understand. It’s easy to sound a like a broken record, especially to those who already understand the problem. Plus, the Govt just stick their fingers in their ears and carry on.

🏊🏼‍♂️ We CANNOT stop exposing the system that can only produce one guaranteed result – ever increasing cases and deaths.


📈 The UK & worldwide leaders wish to amplify the testing regime to dizzy heights. It’s full steam ahead. Nothing will stop Hancock in his pursuit of millions of daily tests.


😡 And let’s face it, if they started dialling down the testing, the media and public will be up in arms that their strategy is failing to scale.

🤯 We, the public, are demanding more of this flawed authoritarian regime.

📺 If you need to understand how more deeply flawed tests equal more hospitalisation and deaths deceit, then watch my 10min whiteboard video below.

COVID-19 flawed testing regime


🧘🏻‍♀️ AdapNation will continue to put the hospitalisation and death data in context, because reassurance is deeply needed by the masses.

😬 BUT, we must accept we are in part endorsing the corruption by analysing the deceitful data.

It’s a CATCH 22.

We MUST continue to build public energy that demands a collapse of the current Mass Surveillance effort.


  1. Ensure the test is set to Ct 25 across ALL labs
  2. Perform repeat tests with new samples when an initial positive is produced
  3. ONLY test those that arrive at Hospital with COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms (or arrange a home visit)
  4. Continue to survey test Hospital Staff and Patients, as HCAI is the leading infection vector

❌ This reformed strategy accepts another scientific truism – Asymptomatic Transmission is a fiction! Inasmuch that this transmission vector is unproven and has little effect (if any).

📝 There are several studies that make this point very clearly regarding Asymptmatic Transmission.

⛔️ We MUST STOP endorsing the data. Why? Because it makes us complicit in the lie.

#DemandChange #DontStop




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