England COVID-19 Hospital Activity – 2-11th October

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How is my local Hospital doing in terms of COVID patients and overall utilisation? 👇🏼

Take a look at the below chart.

👀 It shows the Top 30 hospital trusts from a COVID-related Admissions/Diagnoses perspective over the last 10 days of reporting (2-11th Oct).

England Top COVID Hospital Use

Want to know how YOUR LOCAL hospital is faring❓

👇🏼 Keep scrolling, where we show all 157 Hospital Trusts in England that have had any new COVID cases in the last 10 days. 

🤫 There are 495 Hospital Trusts in England, meaning 68% of Trusts have had no new COVID cases in the last 10 days.


🏨 Liverpool & Manchester Hospitals have been in the news over the last week, due to influx in new patients and concerns of being overwhelmed in the near future.

👁 So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for these two Trusts to show their current situation and how it compares to 2019 Oct-Dec daily average.

🧘🏼‍♀️The sceptic in me, based on the data, says that there is nothing to see here. Yes, they are heavily utilised – but both are below daily average for this time of the year and high utilisation is a norm.

👌🏼 Hospitals plan to hit the ~90% utilisation mark in peak seasons (Oct-Mar) for operational efficiencies. One could argue they have very little buffer… that’s not a function of the COVID crisis, but general NHS operations and budgets.


1️⃣ Check out the full alphabetical chart in link below (or the NHS weekly xls)

2️⃣ Look at the last day (1st Oct) Total Beds Occupied data from the Monthly COVID Hosp Data 

3️⃣ Find the Q3 2019 (Oct-Dec) daily average Available & Occupied for Day & Night Beds for your Hops Trust

All the links you need are below.👇🏼


◾️Hosp Ads & Diag (10 days) – new admissions or inpatient diagnoses using the PCR Test over last 10 days.

◾️Hosp Ads from Comm (10 days) – new admissions or inpatient diagnoses who have been admitted less than 7 days ago, using the PCR Test over the last 10 days.

◾️Care Home Ads & Diag (10 days) – same as above, but for Care Home resident admissions.


What do you make of this data – either the Top 30, Liverpool/Manchester Activity, or your specific Hospital Trust❓

#ContextMatters #StayCalm

England COVID-19 Hospital Admissions - 2-11th October


SOURCE: NHS England COVID-19 Hosp Activity 15th Oct & NHS 2019 Q3 Day & Night Bed use


1️⃣ Raw NHS England WEEKLY COVID Hospital Activity Data report

2️⃣ MONTHLY England COVID Hosp Full Report

3️⃣ 2019 England Q3 Bed Use (Day & Night)


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