Antibodies Wane Quickly. T Cells Persist

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Any medical/healthcare professional that doesn’t talk about T Cell immunity needs to seriously reconsider their profession👇🏼

⭐️ See our post on the layers of the human immune system response – really easy to understand and exposes the wonder of our bodies. Link in comments below 👇🏼

🤯 Don’t get me wrong, microbiology at the level of deeply understanding immunology is seriously complex and there is still so much we don’t know.

Immunology 101:

HOWEVER, it’s IMMUNOLOGY 101 to know the layers of immune defence, and to know the following:

1️⃣ Antibody production takes a couple of weeks of sustained fight against an aggressive infection – i.e. heavy symptoms and illness. 

2️⃣ Mucosal, Innate and prior Immune Memory from T & B Cells all kick in before the last layer of defence against infection is established – newly developed Antibodies.

3️⃣ It’s metabolically expensive to maintain antibodies in your bloodstream at all times. Antibodies in blood wane after infection, with IgM antibodies declining quickly.

4️⃣ Sustained Natural Infection develops memory B Cells, that can produce en masse specific antibodies to reinfection, and do so much more quickly that than the original infection.

5️⃣ Antibodies are mostly produced against Bacterial pathogens and associated infections – not viruses.

6️⃣ T Cells are the most common and effective response to Viral infections, as viruses are within our cells (as opposed to bacteria), and therefore cell-mediated immunity is the means to detect and eliminate infected cells.

7️⃣ T Cell immunity is considered lifelong, and proven through maintained immunity to SARS – some 17 years ago.

8️⃣ Vaccines attempt to produce humoral immunity (antibodies) without establishing cell-mediated immunity (T-Cells etc) – this is a less effective way to develop immune memory. Nature always wins.

9️⃣ Upper Respiratory Viral Infections have followed these observed immunologic patterns for as long as we have had the technology to understand it – many decades.

Everyone SHOULD know this

👨🏼‍🔬These are points made by many notable experts in this field, including Dr Yeadon. As he puts it – It’s Year One Lesson One education on Immunology.

🤫 Vallance knows this. Whitty know this. Each and all Immunologists know this. Anyone who has studied microbiology knows this.

📙 The WHO know this – check out their chart and writing below from their Rubella training. This language is consistent for all Viral infections. 👇🏼

📘 All the medical Journals know this, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that they have bias and conflicts of interest. Nonetheless, see this published article in Nature regarding the significance on T Cell Immunity in SARS CoV2 immunity. 👇🏼 





🟡 WHO Manual on Immunology and Biologics:

🟡 Nature article “Not just antibodies: B cells and T cells mediate immunity to COVID-19”


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