True Context to COVID Hospital Burden – Bristol

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“We must lockdown to save the NHS, and to keep non-COVID services going” – REALLY? 👇🏼

🙉 Myopic and reductive reporting exclusively on COVID statistics – which in its own right is heavily flawed due to case definition and testing efficacy – achieves only one thing. Panic, fear, tribalism, and a false sense of knowing.

🦜 I receive many daily messages from those who are getting ‘schooled’ and smeared by narrow-minded individuals who arrogantly act as if they are deeply informed, when in actual fact they are simply parroting Govt and establishment media fear propaganda.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Ad hominem attacks by those who are both mathematically illiterate, clueless on how and where to find the full public health context, and have been unknowingly conditioned to deflect real evidence with selective insights that they freely share.

The arrogance is disgusting. 

👏🏼 The joy they take in belittling others who have a dissenting opinion is showing their true colours. These people are the foot soldiers for Govt propaganda. Well done. Bravo for outsourcing your thinking.

😔 People simply trying to share non-mainstream contextual data and science to help the friends regain rationality and perspective are publicly shunned as being foolish, ignorant and dangerous by arrogantly confident communicators.


❗️If you are one of those people, step up! 

💖 Be a decent person. Enter into debate, versus trying to shut people down. Stop trying to defend your newly formed worldview on the world being such a scary place.

Most importantly, do BETTER research. 

🥊 If you want to enter the ring when it comes to Public Health risk debate… you better come with the full context. Otherwise, YOU are the dangerous, foolish and ignorant one.


Bristol Hospital COVID Capacity October 2020

🤔 Someone attempted to school a friend of theirs online with the argument that Bristol has a problem of overall NHS capability due to COVID, and shutting down is the only option to ‘Save Our NHS’.

They shared the NHS Internal Reporting screenshot below for BNSSG as a ‘mic dropping moment’. 👇🏼

I’ll raise your myopic report below. Now what have you got ❓❓

Seriously, this nonsense needs to stop. 

⚠️ Smart confident #indoctrinated people are the true DANGERS to society right now. Bring context, or please do the public a service and keep your #cognitivedissonance to yourself.

🥱 Don’t burden everyone else with your pain of desperately trying to reassure yourself that your advocacy and compliance to Govt demands this year have been appropriate.

(BNSSG NHS Internal Reporting, 29th Oct)

BNSSG Bristol COVID Reporting




NHS Day & Night Q3 2019 Occupancy, NHS Critical Care Bed Q3 2019 Occupancy & NHS BNSSG CCG COVID daily report, 29th Oct 2020 

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