#56: Have You Achieved Your Body Goals This Year? If Not, Why?

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Transforming your body is logically pretty straight forward, and much of the science and process in making the changes you want is well understood in the fitness space.

However, so many people struggle to achieve their ideal body shape. Why?

Getting 50-80% there can come quite quickly, especially when you have momentum and rhythm on your side. But going from good to great is reserved for the very few. Those that have a strong enough WHY, and have the mental strength to do what it takes over the long-term.

Psychologically we’re so complex. Logic and knowledge is not enough to get what we truly desire. This idea is proved in all areas of our lives on a daily basis.

That really is the essence of this episode discussion, as Bryn and Steve reflect on their body progress made this year. I suspect many people will be able to relate to much of our combined experience, and hopefully you can take some motivation or insights into how you pursue building your best body ever.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Are bold goals and New Years resolutions worth it?

2️⃣ Dealing with your body goals FLATLINING or going backwards

3️⃣ What BRYN has learnt in 2018 about himself from a body transformation perspective

4️⃣ ACCEPTING and managing/leveraging your traits is the trick to keeping with you goal – E.g. need for External Accountability, Outsourcing Planning, Novelty seeking, Consistency issues

5️⃣ Is your WHY strong enough to do what it takes over the long term? And do you REALLY want what you say want?

6️⃣ The difference between a GOAL & a crystal clear VISION

7️⃣ Why after newbie gains, OVERSIZING your body is the most difficult aspect of body transformation. Wise people with good but not great bodies…

8️⃣ The need to EXPAND your WHY beyond the body outcome for long-term adaptation – the process, progress, emotional, mental, physical benefits

9️⃣ STEVE’S honest & raw assessment progress towards his 2 year body goal set in Jan 2018

🔟 The difference between being DISSATISFIED vs being UNHAPPY


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