2020 Leading Causes of Death & Alzheimers

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We need to start having a serious conversation about Alzheimers – it’s not just “forgetfulness” 👇🏼

The below graph uses ONS monthly reporting on leading causes of death. You can find the underlying dataset in the below comment. 👇🏼

This post is Part 2 of this analysis – the first post showed the evident “Dry Tinder” effect we are witnessing between 2019 and 2020. You can find this in the comment below too 👇🏼

Our Public Health is in the pan

🚽 In countries like US, UK, and other rich westernised countries, I’m sorry to say, but our health is in the pan.

‼️ Decades of ultra processed food, nutrient-poor high-inflammatory high-calorie diets, increasingly unnatural sedentary lifestyles, and an explosion of internet-fuelled mental health issues is catching up with us as a whole.

😱 88% (!) of US citizens are metabolically unhealthy, with similar numbers in the UK. Weight issues are rife – at least ⅔ are overweight – a result of biological energy mgmt issues.

The average person is slamming back a diet dominated by refined carbs and seed oils on the daily, which is throwing their metabolism into a dysfunctional spin.

🏥 And we can’t go looking for answers from the NHS. 60% of NHS’ 1.1 million employees are overweight. You need to own your health, not expect to find health in a pill or potion from those that haven’t found optimal health themselves.

The outcome of doing the above chronically is the manifestation of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

2020 UK Leading Causes of Death

The big killer – Alzheimer’s

🧠 Alzheimer’s is quickly becoming known as “Type 3 Diabetes” – it’s fundamentally an energy mgmt and energy utilisation issue – ie metabolic syndrome that has affected the brain.

Other drivers are a chronic lack of restorative sleep, poor cardiovascular fitness, hormonal dis-regulation, sustained isolation (eg becoming a widow), muscle wastage, and genetic risks (eg APOE4).

💝 The VERY best care we can provide senior individuals is helping them become metabolically healthy, minimising isolation, and helping find purpose/passion.

😥 As you can see in the chart, Alzheimer’s is and will continue to be a significant contributor to not only shorter lives, but also LOWER QUALITY years and decades of health decline.

🎧 To help place a finer point on the painful realities of Alzheimer’s – including early-onset Alzheimer’s – the below linked Peter Attia MD podcast with Lauren Miller Rogen & Richard Isaacson.

👌🏼 It’s a truly fascinating, insightful and compelling story combined with science – and should help us all place more research and emphasis on the need to PREVENT & EMPATHISE when it comes to this torturous slow decline of cognition and health.

Let’s not squander our health again in 2021

🌟 Lastly, let’s make 2021 the year we take the REAL PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE seriously. We’re a sick population, but recovery can be rapid for all ages.

🤦🏻‍♂️ We wasted a fantastic opportunity in 2020 to drive reclaiming our health as a nation. Instead, we’ve gone very much backwards.

Whose to blame fro this missed opportunity. I have my answers…

ℹ️ Fully 96% of all England #COVID PCR Positive deaths had at least one significant pre-existing condition diagnosed. The average is 2.2 conditions, and the average age of death is ~82.

⛔️ If it upsets you seeing your parents, grandparents and elders suffer, then let’s spend less time making their conditions WORSE (more bad food, psychological abuse, fear, isolation and lack of exercise) by pushing the destructive Govt NPI’s and COVID scaremongering, and instead…


💝 ACTUALLY HELP THEM regain lost health, lost function, lost joy, and lost heart-saving social connection.

🙏🏼We wasted 2020. Let’s not waste 2021.

#FactsNotFear #BeYourBest #Own2021



P.S. for more info on Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, preventing Heart Disease, drivers of Diabetes, and the problem with Seed Oils etc… check out the 154+ episode AdapNation Podcast.


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