Happy New Year! Now, Let’s Go!

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Here’s to owning 2021, taking back our lives & freedoms, & ending this nonsense ASAP.

💗 For you, your loved ones, and all the kids of this country. Let’s make sure they are not the lost generation through this complete mess.

It starts with relentlessly exposing the #scandal & #fraud of this perma pseudo-pandemic caused by knowingly abusing the PCR test. In the courts, across all social media platforms, and forcing MSM to pay attention.

We must catch Govt & Institutional leaders with their pants down if we have any chance of bringing an abrupt and just end to the incessant abuse from our “leadership”. This doesn’t end by itself.

❌ Our leaders can’t walk away from the spend, the contracts, the layered lies, and unprecedented power, the drawn out plans, the personal/financial opportunities, and their flawed ideologies. U-turns are impossible.

New leadership are all too happy to rubbish their predecessor – we see it all the time. 99-100% of politicians can’t back down from their own mess.

❗️We must bring the PCR scandal out BEFORE everyone is jabbed in this country and before the natural winter pressure decline. They are already preparing their #VictorySpeech for how the vaccines helped turn it all around, when in actual fact winter is over and they dialled back PCR use.

👁 If you don’t want to live that lie, we must double down on bringing the driving force of this perpetual pseudo-pandemic out for all to see.

Let’s go. 👊🏼



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