Why must you wear a Mask after having COVID-19?

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PARADOX: Why does Boris, Hancock, Whitty & all those recovered from COVID-19 need to wear a mask?👇🏼

How does it go?…

🤦🏻‍♂️ Hancock, W.H.0, Gates, Vaccine manufacturers and leaders worldwide explaining that Herd Immunity doesn’t exist, and that only a vaccine will save us now.

🤔 Funny that, because Herd Immunity is exactly the desired outcome with Vaccines. And what do vaccines attempt to do…


🌈 The sales pitch behind vaccines is that leaders can guarantee interaction with a pathogen in a scheduled and deliberate way across the population, and that the vaccine will create a non-dramatic infection that results in mimicking part of the immune response we would do naturally – thereby providing immunity (hopefully) to X pathogen.

😇 OK. So, vaccines help National & Global leaders play God, and in return they will be worshipped and adored for saving humanity. #gotit

Expensive Knock Offs

🤔 All sounds romantic and wholesome. But hang on a minute, I thought vaccines are designed to mimic nature?

We know fakes are NEVER as good as the real thing. 😉

🦠 And this is particularly true when it comes to the Immune System creating a long-term immune response to pathogens.

👩🏾‍🔬 Immunologists and Virologists worldwide know that a REAL INFECTION is a better outcome for producing long-term robust infectious disease defence.

👎🏼 Vaccines are simply attempting to replicate nature, but never doing as a good a job.

Right… so… that then causes another brain ache. 🤯

❓Why have those that have been infected by SARS CoV2 – all those with prior positive tests and/or those who recovered from COVID-19 symptoms – been asked to continue to mask up? 😷

❓Why must the 635K UK people who have had prior PCR Positive tests need to carry on wearing a mask? 😷

🤫I won’t even get into the likely reality that MOST of the population have come into contact with SARS CoV2 already, and 81% of people have T cell cross-immunity from prior infection/ other coronaviruses. #ssshhh 

❓WHY is the GOLD STANDARD of immunity (recovering from a live infection) dismissed, whilst normality promised ONLY when we all get vaccinated with a rushed experimental vaccine, that will need an annual schedule?

❓Why does Boris continue to wear a mask? If anyone is immune, its him!

Natural vs Vaccine Herd Immunity

Hang on. #confused…

I’m really struggling with this one. Well, not really, but that’s because I know better.

🏆 We already have Effective Herd Immunity.

🙄 Please don’t be facetious here – Herd Immunity does NOT MEAN that the virus and the disease is eradicated. 

👍🏼 It means that effects of a pathogen have become inconsequential to public health due to the majority of people currently being immune.

ℹ️ Population migration, new generations, waning immune memory, worsening individual health and pathogen mutations prevent Infectious Respiratory Diseases from disappearing. #thatslife

🌱 vs 💉 – And guess what, that’s the same for Natural Herd Immunity AND Vaccination-Induced Herd Immunity – if indeed the latter is actually possible.

❌ The reason the world MUST remain in a state of perma-pause and  to continue donning our masks is CATEGORICALLY NOT because vaccines are more effective than natural immunity…

💉…It’s because the Technocratic, Profit-hungry and Power-obsessed Vaccine Ideology must prevail. 

🌍Those that advocate the Vaccine Ideology will not rest until they have enabled a vaccine schedule that encompasses ALL AGES and all people globally.

🎉 Otherwise, we’d be CELEBRATING the Immunity developed from the “10%” of the globe that have been exposed to SARS CoV2.



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