COVID-19 England Stats Update – 13th Oct

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Latest #COVID analysis from today’s weekly ONS data. 👇🏼

5 Graphs:

1️⃣ Comparing England vs Sweden #covid related mortality, whilst tracking weekly Pneumonia/Influenza deaths compared to 5YR average.

[masks continue to have no effect]

2️⃣ A zoomed out view of no. 1, whilst also tracking weekly Total Mortality compared to 5YR average.

[nothing to see here]

3️⃣ Comparing E&W Total Mortality to 5YR average, both with and without COVID-related deaths included.

[any other year, this would be non-news. We’ve seen MUCH worse in prior years]

4️⃣ Tracking the ratio between COVID-related Deaths and Positive PCR Tests for SARS CoV2.

[SARS CoV2 is clearly becoming less and less virulent, with IFR modelled globally to now be less than a reasonable flu season]

5️⃣ Comparing the percentage of total deaths that are attributable to COVID-related, Pneumonia/Influenza & COVID+Pneu/Inf causes.

[the combined % continues to be under the 5YR average for Pneumonia/Influenza]

COVID-19 England Update October 2020

COVID-19 England Update October 2020

🥱 Any other year, this would be a boring and utterly uninteresting post. People would have better things to worry about and commit their energy to.

😰 Alas, in 2020, this post is essential reading to help lower the pulse rate of the public that have been whipped up into a frenzy about ONE SINGLE inconsequential cause of death.

😳 COVID-19 had its moment of scale. It was a harsh couple of months. Obsessing about it on a go-forward basis serves only the objectives of mass immunisation, increased intrusive surveillance, and an authoritarian regime with global tones.




data from ONS’ weekly deaths publication, combined with COVID testing data from DHSC, and supplemented with Swedish COVID-related deaths data from FHM. All dated 13th October 2020.


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