What about Vallance’s claims of NHS Overwhelm?

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Based on Vallance’s 2nd Lockdown scaremongering, the North West will run out of Nightingale capacity in in less than two weeks from now… 👇🏼

🤔 Yep, the Manchesters Nightingale Hospital, that saw a grand TOTAL of 100 #covid patients before being closed down, will go from 0 to 1,000 beds used by the 15th November… unless we lock down.

That’s in addition to all their hospitals redlined.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Does that hold water to you?

🤪 Moreover, these projections suggest that within 1 month we will have nearly all 33,000 Nightingale beds in use across the country. What are these guys smoking?!

North West Context

Furthermore, North West cases are flattening out, and they are experiencing seasonal norms in regards to deaths.

Their COVID-related Hospital Inpatients are steadily rising, but how does that compare to Influenza Like Illness intake for this time of the year? Why is Vallance and co not providing this context? 🤔🤔

ℹ️ North West NHS Trust, like the majority of the country run at 88-95% capacity through the winter – EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR.

What makes this year different❓

🤫 Is it surprising that the North West has the highest rates of testing per capita, with coercion in city centres and by the army knocking on doors?

❌🦠 You should also note that the North West fare a little worse than other regions in England for all cause mortality – many factors contribute to this… none of which relate to “the wicked coronavirus”.

Vallance prediction on NHS Hospital Overwhelm

What do you think❓



SOURCE: Top graphic from Vallance presentation, 31st Oct. Bottom graphs from COVID Dashboard, historical Hosp Activity from NHS, and North West Nightingale insights from BMJ write up 29th Oct.


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