What about this Rapid 15 min COVID Test?

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Have you noticed that the #covid dashboard has changed from PCR Tests to Virus Tests? Here’s 20 million reasons why…👇🏼

😮 As announced several days ago by Hancock, we’ve secured 20 million units of the Innova Sars-Cov-2 Antigen Test for £300m – a simpler rapid test kit that can return results in 15mins.

🧪 This is the initial purchase to allow Tier 3 locked down regions to perform frequent ‘enablement tests’. The tests could eventually be mass produced to provide millions of units per day.

👍🏼/👎🏼 By the New Year the expectation is to use them as ‘enablement tests’ to allow certain businesses, theatres and sports stadiums to reopen. They’ll also be deployed in Schools, Universities, airports, care homes and hospitals.

⛔️ The principle use cases are to provide more rapid and frequent surveillance of the population, especially in care homes and hospitals, as well as a means of entry into an unceasing number of locations (all of the above).

As in, they will principally be used to TEST THOSE WITHOUT SYMPTOMS.

🤔 But hang on a minute… aren’t all antigen tests riddled with false positive issues when prevalence is low (i.e low viral load as easily observed by lack fo symptoms)?

☑️ YES, that is the case. 

The medical and scientific community know this all too well.

🤭 ALAS, this newfangled ‘Enablement Test’ test kit has ONLY been quality tested on samples from Symptomatic people within 5 days of symptoms onset.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Oh, and this test has been measured against the highly problematic PCR Test. The PCR Test is the “gold standard benchmark” here… wow. Just wow.

Innova Rapid Test COVID Test

🚀 Ultimately, this is a test designed to test asymptomatic people, as part of OPERATION MOONSHOT (to test up to 10 million people per day). Therefore, the quality assurance analysis is entirely NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

😩 This authoritarian surveillance regime is going from bad to worse…




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