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Part 1 of our weekly COVID+ Insights – taking the latest data from ONS, PHE & NHS. Let’s talk Testing Positivity & Fatality Rates 👇🏼

We’ve been living in a massively restricted existence since March 2020, with periods of total shut down through to non- evidence-based mandated milder restrictions.

🥇 We’re leaders in Testing, Tracing, Gene Sequencing, Vaccine Development, Lockdown Governance, Vaccine Rollout, Messaging, Media Censorship & Stimulus Packages.

💰 All at incredible financial cost. At least £500bn spent, contracted or given as it relates to our COVID-response.

The biggest recession seen for 300 years. We have so much debt, there is no way out. Declaring bankruptcy of the Country and Sterling feels inevitable at some point soon.

😢 All at huge societal, freedoms, livelihood, children’s futures and public health cost. Let alone crippling taxes to come and a lost neurotic generation.

So, the question is… are we succeeding?

Is all the devastation, cost and suffering proving effective?

🤔 And, if Lockdowns and Tough Tiering is the “Gold Standard” intervention, then please explain what is happening in these graphs.

Or tell me what is missing from WHO guidance or the 29 published papers saying Lockdowns are not effective.

😵 Because… I for sure can’t make sense of any of this COVID data anymore. It’s lost all meaning.

Lockdown and Testing Results UK Jan 2021

Some things to consider

I’ll let you decide on whether we are succeeding or not. Here’s a few things to chew on:

  1. In large countries, we’re the global leader when it comes testing per million population
  2. We’re global leaders in testing volume when you account for land mass. Only US, India, China and Russia have tested more than us… all have huge landmass and have 2-20x more people.
  3. Across large countries, we are SECOND globally when it comes to Deaths per million. More than US, Peru, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, France etc.
  4. On a total PCR-Positive “COVID” deaths count, we are 5th globally, behind US, Brazil, Mexico & India – all of which much larger in size and population, and yet we are more wealthy per capita with world-leading healthcare, sanitisation and food standards.
  5. We’re also 5th globally in terms of total PCR-Positive “case” volume.
  6. As an aside, we’re also one of the most chronically ill and fattest populations on the planet. That WILL have an effect… but not this much.





Graphs from our COVID+ Insights Dashboard. Data from PHE 13th Jan 2021 and Worldometer 14th Jan 2021.

See the up to date ~25 in-context COVID graphs and tables at COVID+ Insights – link in comment below👇🏼

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard


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