Breaking down the BREAKING NEWS

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1.1M positive PCR tests from 10.94M tests in the last 28 days! Clearly, some of those people will pass away 👇🏼

💭 Let’s run this thought experiment for a moment.

😲 60,517,659 tests have been performed since 31st Mar 2020 in the UK. Within 2 weeks from now the equivalent of the entire UK would have been tested.

Now, imagine we could test everyone in England tomorrow – all 56 million of us in one day. Based on current numbers, say we get 3-6 million PCR positives.

Across the next 28 days, we would expect seasonally to lose ~48,000 people, mostly down to old age and deteriorating chronic diseases.

😲 Well… under the COVID reporting guidelines, a LARGE PROPORTION would be reported as COVID Deaths, due to 3-6 million PCR-Positive pool to choose from.

❌ It would not matter what they actually died from, or whether they had any cold/flu like symptoms whatsoever. COVID Case Definition only needs a Positive PCR, and we count ALL deaths with a Positive PCR within 28 days prior to death as COVID Deaths.

Let that sink in for a bit…

❓Can you see how the system of clinically-questionable PCR tests, combined with non-clinical Case Definition, and the 28 day rule will mis-diagnose and mis-report deaths?

📈 The more you test, the more “cases”, the higher the chance of calling a non-COVID death a COVID one on the death cert and on the official reporting.

Getting back to the here and now

🤪 Now let’s go back to the current crazy reality we find ourselves in. 

1.1M Positive PCR tests in the last 28 days. Some of those passed away… 1,400 of which were reported to as COVID Deaths yesterday.

Those 1,400 PCR-Positive deaths occurred across a great many days, with the super majority within the last 9 days. 
They DID NOT all die within a 24h period. The graph below should help clear that up.👇🏼

England Deaths 13th Jan by Date of Death

❓But, and this is the HUGE but, how many of those 1,400 deaths were genuine COVID Deaths where a severely symptomatic respiratory infection manifested to death?

❓How many of those died from a different viral or bacterial infection?

❓And how many of those had no COVID-19 rampant infection or symptoms at all?

The answer to the last two questions is “some to many”. 

The data will always mislead…

❌ The problem is, unless we get honest reporting and clinically appropriate case definition, we CANNOT rely on the COVID data alone. By design it has no choice but to be misleading.

🥵 Instead, we must undergo significant investigative work where we triangulate multiple signals of death, excess death, triages, changes in causes/place of death, and hospital activity in an attempt to answer the question that the Govt will not answer.

😩 It really is not right the level of effort the public and scientific community have to go through to try and get closer to the truth.

WHO, their member states and our national Govt should care first about TRUTH and the holistic PUBLIC HEALTH situation. Neither seem to be a priority…

…otherwise, we’d see COVID Deaths needing to have Severe Symptoms and a low Ct PCR Positive within the last 7 days. It’s really not difficult, and yet, here we are. 😒




PHE Coronavirus Dashboard between 12th and 13th Jan


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  1. The following is another telling illustration of the propagandistic absurdity of the current definition of a ‘Covid death’:

    Remarks of Dr Steinar Madsen,medical director of the national drug regulator, Norwegian Medicines Agency, on the deaths of 13 people following Pfizer vaccine jabs:

    “We do not see anything alarming with these figures. All deaths are in elderly and frail people with underlying diseases,”

    RT English report
    Original Norwegian report

    I guess the guy must be imune to irony

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