COVID Suicide rates spiralling: You are not alone x

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THIS is why we need to put life back together again ASAP. This saddens me deeply – life should be worth living. 👇🏼

🌍 Let’s be clear, this year has been incredibly hard for many people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, health statuses, and social/career statuses.

I’m struggling too…

I regard myself as having a very robust mindset, I do not suffer from anxiety or depressive thoughts, and am a confident optimist.

Buuuut, this year has been so hard. I’ve lost my way on some elements of self care, and battle with levels of despair and frustration daily. My life has become so digital, and whilst that has widened my virtual tribe, I must admit I don’t like it – especially all the arguing. I’m simply not being sufficiently human to be content. 😕

🥵 I’m chronically tired because of bad decisions on my part, and my mind is obsessed and exhausted with this years events – in part because of my ‘mission’ to help others navigate the fear-inducing propaganda.

🚽 We’ve not had a holiday of any sort this year. Our social life has gone down the toilet. There’s been a fallouts over this COVID stuff. We have an amazing family and a lovely home we never get tired of… but life is VERY samey.

🎻 I mention this NOT to get the violin out. I’m fine, honestly. We’re financially secure (albeit income has been rubbish this year), our kids are happy, our marriage is strong, and we have a strong sense of purpose.

I mention this because I know my setup is privileged and I am secure with myself and my life. I have purpose, and I know myself.

Suicides increasing in UK 2020

I feel you

😢 Many many people are having real struggles with loneliness, lack career prospects, health, lack of intimacy, identity issues, anxiety, social conflict, abusive relationships, depression, real deprivation and money/debt as a result of 2020.

💝 Whilst I cannot truly empathise, I can genuinely sympathise. My heart goes out to all those that are really struggling this year. 

😔 You don’t deserve this. It’s not your fault. MOREOVER, it didn’t need to be this way…

Please hang tight. 

⛈ The winter is always a tricky period, but we will come out the other side of this stronger, more united, with a better democracy and infinitely more aware of the hands of manipulative influence that we will expose and disempower through intelligent civil disobedience.

You are on the right side of history. 

☺️ Take some pride in your efforts to help people through this period. Not with BS virtue signalling and submissive compliance, but through your genuine care of their mental well-being and your support to make sense of this nightmare of a year.

🤝 You are not alone. Far from it.

There are millions of us who are going through the same emotional and mental struggles.

All my love. Steve xx



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