#82: Veganism vs All, or Big Food vs Real Food?

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Food is so political and emotionally charged, albeit we don’t often stop to realise just how engulfed food actually is with politics. The reality is, food availability, production and choice has been a driving force behind a lot of our historical disputes and conflict.

However, it does feel that the debate around food is reaching fever-pitch, and this is largely driven by the popularity and well-organised messaging of the growing vegan community.

And whilst debate is healthy and necessary to advance and create better solutions, the vegan propaganda fuelled more by ideology and questionable / fallacious ‘facts’ is creating an incredible divide and hurtful judgement and social pressure. Where belief is the driving force – not real-world practical evidence and workable solutions.

So, in this podcast Steve and Bryn look to answer the question “Should it be Veganisim vs All other choices, or should it be Big Food vs Real Food?”. Is a Vegan life and diet the Elixir for life that we are lead to believe, or is there an alternative future that delivers more goodness to humans, the planet and drives out suffering of living creatures?

This podcast looks to break down the Vegan argument and recommendations, offers a counter position, and then closes on a list of Steve’s recommendations that in his opinion would deliver a better outcome on all levels.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Gym Influence on nutrition & the Protein Challenge – Bryn explores the impact gym owners have on peoples health via nutritional choices, and the protein deficiency issues.

2️⃣ Vegan as the ‘Holy Grail’?– The best, kindest and healthiest. Is that true? Are you wrong to be an omnivore?

3️⃣ The BIG issues– What are the big issues we are grappling with today with our food systems?

4️⃣ What is REAL food?– Steve offers his view on the definitions between real food vs processed food. The proliferation of vegan processed food.

5️⃣ Abundant Choice and Processed Food proliferation– Do we need an anti-capitalist response? Is all the production necessary to survive and thrive?

6️⃣ We’re already on a Plant-Dominant diet- We dissect the average diet that seems to be failing us as a species

7️⃣ Observing our Primal Instincts– Talking about what people do when on reality survival shows

8️⃣ Is nature really that cruel?– Why does the ‘elixir of life’ get rejected by kids, cause gut issues, and send us on a spiralling decline of health?

9️⃣ Attempting to Out Do Nature– We are we fighting against nature? Why the need for this god-like control – assuming we know best for human health, versus nature itself?

🔟 Everyone has Blood On Their Hands– Plant Agriculture is not innocent. How Monocrops cause massive destruction to life and the planet

#️⃣ How can Feeling So Good be So Wrong?– Exploring the healthy, energy, physique, mood and enjoyment outcomes of a diet with animal-nutrition. Is nature really that twisted?

🍽 Steve’s Diet Decisions & Recommendations– With optimal nutrition, least suffering and nourishing the planet in mind, Steve’s shares his controversial diet decisions for his family


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2 thoughts on “#82: Veganism vs All, or Big Food vs Real Food?

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  1. This was probably one of my favorite AdaptNation pod cast. The arguments you made re; why carnivore diet is healthier than vegan (or rather big food) make soo much sense.
    -can’t make a dog a vegan
    -lion’s would die if don’t eat meat
    -Bear Grills show, when people catch food instead of eating root
    There were soo many good examples.
    Oh.. another good example : Plants don’t have teeth, or can’t run… so they produce toxin’s to reduce desire to consume…
    I know, this pod cast was a culmination of data from other pod casts w/the doctors, which were all good. But those pod casts didn’t bring it all together as this one.
    So – I have been trying this carnivore diet. For past 2 weeks. However not 100%… I can’t give up coffee..
    However I am eating less vegetables, and more meat (chicken, fish, meat).
    I tried eating Live/kidney’s – nearly vomited… however Sardines, Anchovies are good.
    I even started this carnivore diet is healthier w/family and friends.. Some good questions came up which I struggled answering.. wondering what your thoughts are
    1.) Meat (ie; Steak): has lots of calories.. if your counting calories.. would you go over if you eat more and more steak?
    2.) Hippopotamus are vegans… and have been around for long time and kick ass. They thrive off vegan food – why can’t humans?

    1. Ah thanks James. Really appreciate you taking the time out to give this awesome feedback.
      Good for you on giving Carnivore a go. I knew you had the metal to try something like this. I wouldn’t say it’s essential, but it is an incredibly effective and simple diet approach with loads of upside, taste, nutrition and minimal nutritional consequences. Do take a read of https://adapnation.io/meatdominantdiet/ for my perspective and others on the benefits.

      Personally, I am not on a Carnivore diet. I’m in good health. I am however on a Meat-Dominant diet, where I am 10% carbs – coming mainly from rice, potato, mushrooms, a little salad etc in the evening. Quite a departure from my old WOE, but I am enjoying the dense-nutrition, taste, mood and energy stabilisation, lack of gas/bloat, fat adapted state, and knowing I am calming some inflammation from years of slamming down lots of fibrous and plants with anti nutrients.

      I love the fact you are promoting the benefits. Do point your family to some of the recent podcasts with guests to dig in to some of the detail. I too have my kids on diet heavy in animal-based nutrition and they are thriving on every level. It feels great to know they are getting all the nutrition they need, in the most bio available format, in the right ratios, and without all the anti nutrients, sugar, grain, seed oils and other junk in modern processed food and kid treats.

      Re Carnivore – couple things. I would absolutely try and favour fattier meats and cuts over leaner meat. Lost of the nutrients are locked up in the fat. Plus, to prevent rabbit starvation or having too high blood sugar levels, you should be looking to get 60-70% of macros from fat. Beef and beef related products are by far the most valuable, when combined with oily/fatty fish such as Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies. Liver, Bone Broth and Marrow would feature too mate, to make sure you don’t develop any deficiencies.

      I hear you on the liver front – I felt the same way. Just sear the liver so it is still red/pink inside and it tastes so much better. Or, try this, it was delicious – https://adapnation.io/devilled-ish-livers-on-sourdough-toast/! Failing that, Pate is a great option. I’ve grown to love the stuff, especially if you make it yourself (super easy). Liver is literally a super food – chock-a-block with most the nutrients a human needs.

      re Questions:

      1) Great question. Personally, I’m struggling to bulk on 4300-4500 calories, when I could easily put weight on (mostly fat) on about 3600-3900kcals mixed diet. I actually spoke at length about this with our guest Sam Feltham – his experiment will blow your mind! https://adapnation.io/83-samfeltham/ . In essence, the thermic effect of protein is higher, plus due to the v. low insulin spikes, you burn fat, leverage the fat you consume, and dump the rest. That said, fat is more calorific (9 kcal per g), so in theory you would need to make sure you fit into your calorie budget depending on your goal. Play with it… bulking (i.e putting on fat) on a carnivore diet seems to be a lot harder for men than you would expect.

      2) Hippos are (pseudo)ruminants, like grazing cattle (cows, sheep, goats). Their rumens (specialised gut) has chambers and bacteria that allows them to break down cellulose and other plant fibres and convert them to quality muscle. They graze all day to achieve that objective. Humans have monogastric digestive systems, which are fundamentally different. A much more acidic stomach, no rumen, and limited fermentation capability. Our guts are much more like dogs than anything else, including Apes (who also need to eat constantly to extract nutrition out of the vegetation they eat) Humans, based on fossil nitrogen analysis, combined with your gut design clearly call out that we are facultative carnivores. I.e. we are largely a carnivorous species but have adapted to digest plants in times of need – check this out https://www.instagram.com/p/By3OE27ghUW/?igshid=xkg41tjd1xs3.

      Also, get your family to watch the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt on Amazon Prime. It clears this up perfectly!

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