#78: Dr. Paul Saladino – Carnivore Diet for Optimal Wellness (part 2 of 2)

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NOTE:This is Part 2 of 2. Check out Episode #77 for Part 1

Have you noticed the emergence of the Carnivore Diet as of late? Is it a deliberate culture clash with the Vegan Community, a naive and neanderthal chest-beating F’ you to sustainability, animals, and human health, or just an excuse to eat the foods we like?

Or, is there something to it? Dr. Paul Saladino combined with a burgeoning cohort of respectable doctors, scientists, anthropologists and nutritionists thinks there is. And it’s not just the academics – there is an expanding community of tens of thousands of every day people that we’re once sick, overweight and dealt the death blow of autoimmune and chronic disease who are thriving! What gives?!

Be prepared to be blown away!

Dr Paul Saladino attempts to shatter the nutritional paradigms on optimal health, meat, plant-based nutrition and our evolutionary biological preference to thrive. Paul believes, backed up with with encyclopaedic knowledge and tons of scientific facts, that Humans are actually FACULTATIVE CARNIVORES.

That we evolved to be the number one species on the planet due to a Carnivorous diet feeding our explosive brain development, and that our body and biology leaves many clues that we’ve adapted to be carnivores who in times of desperation and starvation could tolerate low doses of plant-based foods.


BIG super important topic. As a result, this 2h convo is broken into two parts. Here’s what you can expect to hear across both:

P.S. AdapNation have produced a Meat-Dominant Article that condenses the arguments and guidance here. Proving very popular!

Carnivore Diet Justification
ARTICLE: AdapNation Meat-Dominant Diet


1️⃣ Cured! – Seeing 1000’s of untreatable people with Chronic Disease and Autoimmune Conditions getting better on a Carnivore Diet

2️⃣ The Perfect Food – How everything we need to thrive is found in the perfect form and ratios within Nose-To-Tail Animal-Based nutrition – without any toxins.

3️⃣ Cause of Disease – How Dr. Saladino believes plant-based nutrition is the driving force in todays epidemic rates of chronic diseases

4️⃣ Evolution – Exploring evolutionarily and biological evidence that suggest that Humans are Facultative Carnivores that resort to Plants only as survival food

5️⃣ Youth vs Health – Not confusing resilient Youth with Health, and how we’ve not adapted to consuming a plant-dominant diet

6️⃣ Chemical Warfare – Plants defence against predators (including humans) is a deluge of toxins, pesticides and anti-nutrients

7️⃣ Plants are not healthy – How most Plants have a net-negative impact on human health, and the benefits are sketchy at best (e.g. Resveratrol, Curcumin, Sulforaphane)

8️⃣ Antioxidants – How plant-based Antioxidant properties are not worth it, and we can generate our own antioxidant state through non-nutritional means

9️⃣ Fibre – Debunking the biggest myth of all… the need for fibre for optimal health, microbiome diversity and digestive health

🔟 Farting – Why gas, bloat and passing wind is not normal if you are healthy


1️⃣ Mass Adoption? – Is it a practical, affordable and realistic way of eating for the masses, or just the few die hards?

2️⃣ Environmental Sustainability – The reality of Green Has Gases across agriculture and industry, and how more ruminants is part of the solution

3️⃣ Commercial Meat or Plants?  – Paul answers what he’s choose if given the ultimatum

4️⃣ Affordability – How to make the Carnivore diet affordable and the need to prioritise nutrition over all else

5️⃣ Cooking – Does cooking, pressure cooking and fermentation eliminate the toxins in plants?

6️⃣ Wine, Coffee & Chocolate – Do these plant-based foods have a healthy place in our diet?

7️⃣ No Go’s & Safe Plants – Pauls position on the number one category of plat-based foods to avoid, and which plant foods are net-neutral to health

8️⃣ Crunch, Sweetness & Spice – Paul’s recommendations on getting crunch into a carnivorous diet, calming your sweet need and how to think about herbs and spices

9️⃣ Eggs & Dairy – Are these in our out on a Carnivore diet, and why.

🔟 Poison is in the Dose – We explore quality of life needs, dose and tolerance to plant-based foods, and who benefits most from a Strict Carnivore Diet

Where To Learn More and Follow Dr Paul Saladino:

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B – Dark Side of Curcumin

C – The medicinal chemistry of Curcumin

D – Resveratrol reduces the levels of circulating androgen precursors

E – No beneficial effects of Resveratrol on the metabolic syndrome

F – Dietary Fibre Intervention On gut microbiota composition on healthy adults

G – Stopping or reducing dietary fibre intake reducing constipation and associated symptons

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