691 UK COVID deaths today…. NOT!

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691 UK COVID deaths today…. NOT!

See where those deaths have fallen across the last month. And then, consider the lack of symptom(s) proof for case definition, and a test that creates incredible amounts of non- public health related data.

COVID deaths reported across multiple days

Ready to stop paying attention to this fear-inducing #casedemic noise yet?

Number of daily cases is an absolute joke, the modelling coming our of Ferguson & Vallance (yet again) is an absolute joke, and the mis-characterisation and mis-reporting of daily deaths is… well, anything but a joke.

If you are still falling for this COVID-response and perpetual pandemic narrative… stop!

Surely you would rather preserve at least a little intellectual pride by calling BS now… vs doubling down with the #cognitivedissonance into 2021?




PHE Coronavirus Dashboard data, 21st and 22nd Dec 2020


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