#26: Identifying When You’re Exhausted From Training Or Life & Collecting Random Crap

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Do you feel fatigued with bouts of low energy? A bit beaten up from the grind of work, training and life pressures? On top of this, perhaps you are struggling with getting restful sleeps, your memory and learning seems impaired with foggy thoughts, you’re feeling older with a sense of accelerated ageing, and skin issues such as psoriasis are flaring up. And maybe, motivation and drive has taken a dive and is second to anxiety. If so, this episode is worth a listen.

We kick things off by having a chat about the weird and wonderful world of us humans collection stuff. Why do we do it?! We chat about the craze for young girls called LOL Dolls and reflect on all the weird and pointless collections we’ve had throughout the years. All the wasted money! Haha

Episode Topic —> Stress – Identifying & dealing with a build up of body fatigue and exhaustion, caused by over training, work and being in beast mode all of the time.

We Discuss:

  1. Steve’s recent experiences of attempting to restore his bodies resources after years of pushing too hard
  2. Unwillingness to take time out from the gym for fear of losing gains or potential growth, and how this is counter productive to increased performance
  3. Bombshell moment – starting to feel beaten up, chronically muscle tension and mood issues. Are flu symptoms a sign from your body?
  4. Key principles of Steve – General Adaptation Syndrome, Exhaustion, Chronic Background Stress & Supercompensation
  5. Personal lessons learned, the science and some Top Tips for working through Fatigue
  6. Referencing the 3-part article called ‘Chronic Exercise & Life Fatigue – Are you GAS’d out?’ on the AdapNation.io website, where it goes into much more specific details and tools

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