#89: MINDSET – Our Top 10 Most Resonating Concepts of 2019!

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The 100 Day #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey is almost done! A true Labour of love, and one I am so excited to share in Autumn 2019!

Well, fresh out of some hyper-focussed writing time, Bryn swung by to get some of these thoughts out of my head, and on to the mics!

Today, we focussed on the Top 10 aspects of mindset that are most resonating with us both currently 2019. The guidance that we need to give to ourselves, or the bigger priority ideas that are now starting to truly crystallise in how we are showing up.

This isn’t a list-sharing run down. Instead, we took the time to really get to the crux of each of these ideas, and why they are so powerful. Weaving in personal anecdotes, or stories of people that you will be familiar with.

You’ve got cerebral and emotional discussion here, as we try and unpack why some of these concepts mean so much to us. We both learnt some new things as the conversation played  out. I hope you do too!

Would love to hear any of your Top Mindset phrases or ideas that are fuelling your 2019. Please share on the AdapNation Facebook page, AdapNation Community or AdapNation Instagram Feed comments.

Here’s the Top 10 Mindset Concepts we get into:

1️⃣ Radically Open-Minded & Transparent – Don’t be dogmatically closed minded and contrarian. Don’t just wait for science to catch up

2️⃣ Building Self Confidence through Small Wins – Make the beginning so simple you can’t miss

3️⃣No Failures, Just Lessons – Embrace the learning! It’s all learning.

4️⃣ Imagine Not Fearing Rejection – Asking for ridiculous things, not caring about the the NO’s

5️⃣ Not needing Validation and Judgement from Others – Respect, but don’t prioritise external opinion. Just do you

6️⃣ Fuelled by Passion, BUT Driven by your Sense of Purpose – Don’t risk being blinded by following your passion – pursuing a dead end. What’s beyond you? Your Why?

7️⃣ Be So Good, that Passion Develops – Get so good at adding value, that your skill becomes a passion

8️⃣ Your Struggle is Your Privilege – Where your story like a badge of honour. People will envy the value you’ve taken from it. Don’t prioritise an easy life

9️⃣ Taking Extreme Ownership – Take ownership of everything that happens in your life. You can’t control, but you can own. No victim mentality

🔟 Happiness is when Reality = Expectations – Either change your reality, or you change your expectations. Always start with gratefulness.

People / Books we mentioned:

▪︎ Ben Francis – CEO of Gymshark

▪︎ Jay Shetty – The Emotional Storyteller of 2019

▪︎ James Smith – No BS Fitness Guy who’s built a following

▪︎ Joe Wicks – The Bodycoach. From empty bootcamps to multimillionaire

▪︎ Jia Jaing – TED talk speakerand author of Rejection Proof

▪︎ David Goggins – From 300lbs to Navy Seal, motivational speaker and best selling author

▪︎ Simon Sinek – Author of books such as Finding Your Why

▪︎ Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Call Newport


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