Why have Sweden lost their spine?

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🇸🇪 Swedish Government has lost their spine, but the question is… why? 👇🏼

🤔 Over the last couple of weeks, something has happened to the leadership above Anders. They have asked their people to keep public social group interactions down 8 people, introduced an alcohol curfew, and the local press is all over supporting lockdowns…

It looks like global social pressure has gotten the better of their leadership, plus the “Test, Test, Test” model that we use in the UK causing mayhem there too.

😔 There goes the worlds A/B test and a commitment to scientific purity.

COVID Context

🤏🏼 Sweden have a 7-day average COVID-related death rate of 17 people per day, compared to their peak of 115 per day. Intensive care admissions are averaging 18 per day, down from 50 per day.

❓The question is (and we know the answer) – how much of this COVID-related death/ICU data is due to over-testing and significant misdiagnosis by relying solely on the troublesome PCR test?

🤯 If that wasn’t calming enough, the real puzzler to their surprise U-turn on social distancing is that Total Mortality seems to be completely ignored…

Take a look at the graphs below 👇🏼

Sweden Mortality 2020 in context

What the graphs tell us

1️⃣ Sweden’s Epidemic (like England’s) concluded at around week 22, with a few week lag effect thereafter due to the disruption of healthcare and mistakes made in therapeutic treatment. 

2️⃣ Since week 28, Sweden have seen 18 consecutive weeks of below-average Total Mortality, with those numbers STILL below seasonal minimums today. Thats before any population growth adjustments.

3️⃣ The rolling 12 months death toll in Sweden is up by less than 2,000 when compared to the 5 year average.

4️⃣ Sweden saw an abnormally light year last year, making for an expected correction in 2020 as there were that much more aged susceptible people that statistically were expected to pass in the prior year – ie on borrowed time.

5️⃣ When making population growth adjustments, we see that this year is inline with the last 6 years exc 2018/19, and continues the trend of declining annual death toll.

6️⃣ The population demographics are changing fairly significantly in Sweden, as the baby boomers are ageing and significantly expanding the 74-84 age bracket.

7️⃣ When you do age bracket analysis accounting for population growth per age group, you find a completely normal and expected death toll – in many cases below expectations.

Again, why?!

❓❓So, I ask again… why is the world panicking, and why has Swedish leadership lost their spine and begun to copycat?

🙈 We MUST LIFT THE BAR on both our analysis and our understanding of this year. If we continue to myopically focus on COVID stats, we will continue to lose sight of the wood for the trees.

A Swedish inhabitant page by the name Mihalis added some very interesting insight and an attempt to answer the question of WHY below in the FB comments. 👇🏼

😖 We will continue to panic. We will continue to submit to those that long to increase their control and influence over every aspect of our lives – both our actions and our thoughts.




All the data presenting in this post is from SCB – they have a wealth of data to work through.

The bottom-left graph was produced by @HaraldofW, and the bottom-right graph was produced by @EffectsFacts – both great source of Swedish analysis (age demographics, ICU, 5 year averages, population growth, historical compares etc).


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