Time We Start Putting Kids First

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😢 As a family we’ve said no to face masks from the start, and our girls understand the insanity. But still, they are inundated with mask wearing at school, and are deprived of a normal social school experience. 

😢 There are many things they can no longer do at school, and they are cordoned off in sections in the playground. They can’t spend time with friends from other classes, and they are not supposed to be getting close to friends full stop.

😢 Some kids bring their parents neuroticism into school, with masks and visors in class, as well as freaking out about touching the possessions of other children.

😢 Friendships are weakening – both inter-class and outside of school. Children’s mind are becoming more fragile and stressed. They are struggling to intuitively read people and situations, and there is a distinct lack of trust they feel from non-parent adults all around them.

🤷🏻‍♂️ For what?!?

Time to put kids first

Where’s the evidence?


Where’s the evidence on lockdown effectiveness, mask effectiveness, school social distancing effectiveness? Where’s the evidence of children COVID illness, increased illness in the teacher demographic, or that children are vectors of disease thereby being a massive threat to society and public health?

🤫 What we do know is there are numerous studies that show the opposite. The ineffectiveness of masking, lockdowns, neuroticism, non-symptomatic super spreaders, testing and… ILI vaccines.

Kids matter most


🤷🏻‍♂️ When will parents en masse stand up for their children? WHEN? When will they be placed above the interests of self-centred and neurotic adults?

Sorry if you’re offended by this…

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The reality is, the future of a small child is worth more to society and them than the life of an 80 year old near the end of their natural life. That does not mean we need to choose… it means we need to make decisions with kids central to our thinking and not an afterthought.

😩 Moreover, the fear and concern is disproportionately misplaced as we ARE conflating normal end-of-life health/life pressures as the evil and relentless COVID  disease. #misdiagnosis and propaganda on steroids…

👧🏻 The future belongs to the young. They are our future leaders and contributors to society. This you cannot deny.

😔 We ALL WILL PAY THE PRICE of f*cking up the minds and lives of people under 21 – it’s not just the kids that will suffer.

#PutKidsFirst #UsForThem



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