The COVID Medical Billionaires Club

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“Don’t be silly – money has got nothing to do with the COVID narrative, it’s all about saving lives at huge expense” 👇🏼

💰Yeah… right. This year has invited many newcomers to the three comma club – all centred around vaccines, vials, pharmaceutical services, drugs and pharma investing.

💉 The AZ/Oxford, Moderna and Biontech vaccines alone have created billionaires within their supply chain since being approved in the last month. Guess what will happen as their production ramps and other vaccines get approved…

🇨🇳 The majority of new billionaires are coming from China – the “leaders” in the COVID-19 Pandemic response. Interesting…

💰Let’s not forget the huge transference of wealth as small/local businesses get wiped out in favour of global businesses such as Amazon (doubled profit, added 400K employees in ~4mons), scaled delivery services (esp. food delivery), and scaled remote-solutions services (Zoom & Netflix)

🦸🏻‍♂️The sands are shifting. Welcome to the new era where Technocratic BioSecurity is the new global governance – the new super power that has unprecedented control and influence. Unelected and borderless power.

🔍 P.S. spot how much BAMGF money is attached to these successes and developments. It’s like Brewster’s Millions… trying to spend your wealth ends up making you (a s**t tonne) more money. 

All about the #money & #power



Forbes article on Pandemic Billionaires in 2020


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