The Strong link between COVID Deaths & Deprivation

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Is dying with a COVID-positive test linked to lack of wealth, education and quality of environment? The data says YES 👇🏼

This analysis leverages data from an ONS report released today. Link below.

COVID-19 Deaths and Deprivation

The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD2019) looks to assess wealth and opportunity based on small areas defined by postcode boundaries across England.

The domains that contribute to the Deprivation 1-10 score include:

  1. Income (22.5%)
  2. Employment (22.5%)
  3. Education (13.5%)
  4. Health (13.5%)
  5. Crime (9.3%)
  6. Barriers to Housing & Services (9.3)
  7. Living Environment (9.3%)

What can we deduce from this analysis?

The below shows 3 things. (1) All cause mortality based on deprivation status, (2) COVID-positive deaths based on deprivation status, and (3) Deprivation status location map.

You can clearly observe the following:

🔸The wealthier and more educated the less overall death – likely due to knowing, prioritising, and being able to afford healthier lifestyle choices.

🔸There is a +18% increase in non-covid deaths between the least deprived and most deprived.

🔸The same pattern is observed for COVID-positive deaths, but the much more pronounced. There are +63% more deaths in the most deprived when compared to the least deprived.

🔸The COVID deprivation discrepancy will be due to the above mentioned general reasons, plus a tendency for less agency, more state dependancy, and more easily influenced by govt propaganda in the most deprived areas.

🔸 The hardest hit COVID-positive deaths areas correlate with (a) willingness to be tested – i.e. volume of tests and cases, and (b) areas with concentrations of highest deprivation.

What do you think?

❓What thoughts do you have in considering this analysis and correlation between deprivation and COVID-positive deaths?




  • ONS Deaths due to COVID-19 by local area and deprivation


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