The Right Side of History: a powerful guest poem

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What powerful and poignant poem by a fighter for liberty, freedom and truth – Warwick Holding.

The Right Side of History

So here we are, in the new existence
Achieved due, to the lack of resistance
Of the many, and those who just complied
And believed all the fear mongering and lies
One step closer, to a world wide government
With a handful of agendas, that lack good intent
Nanny State, looking, through the eye of the needle
Issuing certificates, but only for the good people
Will you take a shot, to be allowed on a plane?
Can you see the point, or will you live in the shame
Of no entry allowed, to the old everyday living
Will you queue up, for what the doctors giving?
Are you happy to try, the untried and untested
In which the cabinet and advisers, perhaps are invested?
Is it of no concern, that big Pharma are not liable
If adverse reactions occur, that are not justifiable?
Are you convinced by the few facts that have been given?
And do you feel happy, with the info constantly driven?
Is there a doubt, that says, it’s all happened so quick?
Are you feeling the pressure of the “life saving prick”?
Of the opposing opinions, are you still totally dismissive?
Do you not understand, why many are not just submissive?
Should social media, silence those that try and speak out?
Is it better that objectors, are forced to say nowt?
Is it not odd, that after Big Pharma has so kindly gifted
Mask mandates, and other restrictions, will not be lifted?
There will be no return, to what was known before
Only a new reality, where you freedoms are no more
Are you convinced, that you need to be immunised?
Has media propaganda brainwashed and hypnotised
So much so, that you will now do anything you are told?
Especially, if it is to protect the vulnerable and old
Would it make you happy, to see a new discrimination
Forced upon this already divided and conflicted nation?
A new moral high ground, for those who’ve had the jab
Calling out those that haven’t, like they’re strike breaking scabs
Maybe you have not realised, or even tried to understand
That the growing movement against the Nefarious plans
Are not conspiracy theorists, as all the warnings, that were given
Are unfolding, along with the blatant tyranny, that’s now arisen
The need for the truth, that this movement searches for
Is a collective powerful energy, that grows more and more
The only gain for all of the good beings that are involved
Is that the elites lose the power, with which they control
When the truth is revealed and the lies are exposed
And the extent of the harm against the people is known
There is a choice, of opting in or out, of this forced misery
And knowing, that you were on the right side of history
~Warwick Holding, poet


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