Misleading Daily Death Stats & PCR Abuse

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❓Let’s run a quick experiment. Based on the daily MSM & Govt daily death headlines, who has been misled or thinks the headlines are misleading?👇🏼

❓More explicitly, do the daily deaths headlines lead you and others to believe that 981 deaths occurred the previous day?

❓If these headlines were accompanied with the below graph, would it induce more or less fear, panic and hysteria?

❓Lastly, if we ONLY tested those who arrive at hospital who present hospital-worthy signs & symptoms that match the shortlist of COVID-19 diseased symptoms, would there be:

(1) More or less hysteria?

(2) More or less genuine COVID-19 Hospitalisations?

(3) More or less capacity and better/worse bed flow mgmt?

(4) More or less genuine COVID-19 Deaths?

(5) More or less people dying at home?

How the UK mislead on daily death stats

The PCR Abuse needs to stop

There is only ONE WAY this COVID Hysteria stops – and no, it’s not Lockdowns, Mask Compliance or rushed experimental vaccines.

🏁 This pseudo perpetual pandemic stops when we stop using and abusing the PCR test.

…Just like it did with Swine Flu, and other pseudo-epidemics such as Whooping Cough in the US.

🙌🏼 The Good News – If we wanted to, we could easily prove the PCR test is the source of all unwarranted fear. We have other testing technologies and testing protocols to blow the lid on the PCR testing fiasco quickly.

🙌🏼 More Good News – there are a number of court cases globally against Govt misuse of PCR Testing.

😩 The Bad News – The WHO and their member states (aka leaders worldwide) have NO INTEREST in exposing the smoking gun (PCR Testing), and the medical establishment have blind faith in this test that has been proved numerous times in recent history to be pseudo-epidemic inducing.

🎧 If you want to learn more about HOW we scientifically and easily prove the significance of meaningless results of PCR testing, take a listen to our interview with Dr. Clare Craig (the prior post on our feed).




Data from PHE Coronavirus dashboard between the 29th and 30th Dec. MSM Headline from Sky News coverage of the 30th Dec PM COVID Briefing


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