Flu, where are you?

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Flu, where are you? “Influenza & Pneumonia” have taken 59K lives in England YTD, yet we can’t find the virus.

😤 People were up in arms with the announcement that PHE would combined Flu surveillance into their weekly #COVID19 report, but the concern was misplaced.

🧘🏻‍♀️ They are NOT combining the statistics into single metrics. Instead they are supplementing the COVID-19 reporting obsession with the data captured on Influenza Like Illness tracking.

💣 This follows on from the bombshells dropped in the ONS special bulletin on Flu deaths year to date – which exposes MANY issues with our decades-long OVER HYPED narrative on Influenza/Flu.

Check out our analysis of this ONS data in comments below. 👇🏼

Opened up a can of worms

Instead of panicking, there clearly is need for MANY MORE QUESTIONS. Questions regarding:

  • the lack of need for Flu Vaccines, 
  • terribly misleading Flu worldwide statistics,
  • value of attempting to compare #COVID testing data to Flu testing data

Take a look at the below infographic regarding flu statistics from PHE’s latest report. 👀

Flu statistics in England


1️⃣ We’ve been LYING for decades on Flu Deaths – when in actual fact we just meant Pneumonia with infectious bacterial & viral cause(s) unknown?

2️⃣ That clearly we don’t need Flu Vaccines if the prevalence and proven effects are non-existent?

3️⃣ That we have woefully inadequate scalable and accurate means of identifying InfluenzaA/B and parainfluenza?

4️⃣ That we simply cannot compare Flu testing/case/death data with COVID – as we are testing 4500x more for COVID than Flu in England, and Flu is tested based on Serious Symptoms only.

5️⃣ Or, are we simply coding all and sundry under #covid?


If this isn’t a good enough reason to STOP this utterly flawed testing regime on SARS CoV2 and the terrible COVID-19 Case Definition, I don’t know what is.

#FactsNotFear #FlattenTheFear




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