Burying Your Head in the Vaccine Sand

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Oooh, the vaccine #CognitiveDissonance is heating up! Wow👇🏼

😂 The baseless defensiveness against empirical data, the angered blind faith that is triggered by the inconvenient truth, and the ruse of being smart/scientific when in actual fact they’ve got nothing under the hood when it comes to robust evidence.

💯 It’s all kicking into high gear now a vaccine has gone from speculation to reality, in an effort to defend THEIR decision to take an unnecessary experimental drug.

🙄 The ad hominem attacks – either explicit or implied – against those hesitant or resistant to respiratory vaccines (aka anti-vaxxers) is reaching fever pitch levels.

👏🏼 Egged on by our wonderful Govt leaders such as Hancock, Van Tam and Bojo, and the MSM propagandists be it Piers Morgan or the entire news anchors on BBC and Sky News.

🤣 It’s hilarious! It’s a blatant attempt to defend their personal decision, egos and ideologies. 

👁 If only they knew that very MANY normal (thinking) people regrettably associate themselves as anti-vaxxers in 2020, because they are simply not buying into the rushed science and coercion.

Must be an “Anti-Vaxxer”

🧠 Me – I’m a person with a working brain. I ask tons questions, and never tire of learning. I’ve learnt to verify info coming at me. I’m scientific by nature through my education and careers. 

😄 And guess what. I’m 100% OK with you calling me an “anti-vaxxer” or “conspiracy theorist”.

🙄 Why? Because that’s code for conditioned lazy thinking. I then know who I am dealing with. The person flinging this cheap insult naively places too much trust in propagandised consensus thinking and enjoys appealing to authority.

🚨 It also shows they are closed minded, disrespectful, and are terrible at handling an adult debate about topics that challenge their worldview.

🔮 If this year has taught us one thing, it’s that these whacky “conspiracy theorists” have been prophets this year. So many speculations have and are manifesting now in plain sight.

🙈 The real epidemic and parasite plaguing humanity in 2020 is wilful BURYING OUR HEADS IN THE SAND.


🌤 Reality and Truth does have incredible light, but there are a lot of smoke and mirrors that go into what people call truth.

🌑 The truth is UGLY. The truth is DARK. The truth is INCONVENIENT. The truth is cognitively PAINFUL.

🤫 Leaders know this – be it of a business or a nation. So, leaders think it’s better to LIE. White or black, the lie is initially there to “protect” the people from the ugliness of reality.

🤥 But when lies to protect the people lose original perspective, and personal ideologies strengthen, leaders look to sell ideas to the people that make THEIR ugliness of managing people and resources slightly easier.

🤥 They tell LIES. Lies to make their life easier, but knowing it will make your lives worse.

🧠 NOW, if you had a thinking brain that looked to verify all incoming info from decision makers independently, you simply would be unmanageable under this model.

😔 However, You would be BURDENED with the truth. The ugly truth of reality, and the truth behind the leaders cover up. It’s not fun, but it beats living in one big lie – a video game where you ultimately lose.

🏃🏻It’s PRECISELY because of the pain and discomfort of truth that most people willingly avoid it like the plague.

🙂 If you decide to willingly believe the spin by your leaders, you get to live in relative blissful ignorance. Life is tolerable, because the sheer ugliness is masked.

🙈 There’s one BIG PROBLEM with this “head in the sand” approach to life. It’s disingenuous and incongruent with your innate reading of truth, and this cannot be resolved.

Burying your head in the sand

Truth over convenient lies every time

✌🏻For me, I’d rather live with the brutal honesty of reality and find a way to both bring value, be 100% ok with my decisions AND enjoy it, versus live in one big lie to protect my fragility.

☑️ I’ve always been known as a #TruthSeeker. An incessant (and often annoying) questioner. Truth comes first to me no matter how uncomfortable it is. I want brutally honest feedback, and I can’t help myself to dish it out.

❌ I once lived in discordance. No more. Truth first, and find a way to make the most of it.

🤥 You may think it’s nicer and more compassionate to lie to people you care for in order to protect them. This to me exposes a weakness in society that needs addressing.

😥 An idea that we need to psychologically protect people from their own emotional fragility and unaccepting relationship with reality.

What about you?

❓How do you want to live your life?

🙈 Have your head in the sand – suffocating with propaganda and being blind to the beauty and rawness of life….

💘 …or do you want to stop pretending to live and instead actually LIVE? To experience life, where things are far more beautiful than you realised, but there are many many warts too❓

❓When you look back on 2020, will you be able to say you were on the #RightSideOfHistory?



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  1. Thank goodness for people like you Steve. Spot on! Keep dishing out the truth to keep all us fellow humans who do remember how to use their brains assured that this is reality, not done weird dystopian dream! Thanks again!

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