#95: The Darkness of Drug Addiction to an Optimised Life ~Nick Elvery

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This is a unique insight into the dark and seemingly inescapable world of hard drug addiction. It’s also an episode of hope, inspiration and deep life questions.

Nick Elvery, a Performance Coach to CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, joins us to openly explore the painful 12 year drug addiction that owned his life and destroyed everything in its wake. His hard drugs and alcohol addiction destroyed his health, ruined relationships and brought him to his knees both physically and mentally.

Having overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol, Nick wanted to see what else was possible. What would it take for him to operate at his full potential? He then went on to create Optimised.


If you are grappling with drug addiction of any sort and are trying to escape it, or you are genuinely motivated to empathise and help people who are in that position, then you’ll find this conversation insightful and inspiring.

If you’re trying to understand the formula to happiness, fulfilment and life balance, this transformation story digs into the complexity of these questions that have haunted humans for our entire existence.


Here’s what we discuss:

#1 – Who is Nick? What’s Performance Coaching?
#2 – Nick’s 12 Year Drug Addiction

🔸 Day In A Life of a Drug Addict – What his day to day life looked like with ever increasing drug use

🔸 Drivers Behind Using – Nick shares the four big drivers that compelled him to seek drugs everyday

🔸 Rippling Effect of a Childhood Event – what small event in Nick’s like programmed him to be vulnerable to the allure of hard drugs

🔸 The Fog – How the lack of awareness of his actions and life around him limited his ability to care about the damage he was causing

🔸 Depression & Suicidal Thoughts – Nick describes the helpless negative thoughts spirals that almost took him over the edge

🔸 Inability to Plan Ahead – How drugs and emptiness stole enthusiasm and meaning from Nick’s life. The lack of momentum to plan.

🔸 The Turning Point – Nick describes the insignificant yet profound moment when reality hit. When enough was enough…

🔸 Rehab – The process and journey to Sobriety

🔸 Grateful or Ashamed? – Nick caused a lot of damage in his wake. How does he feel about his past?

#3 – Pursuing Happiness and Fulfilment

🔸 Is significance helpful or damaging? – What happens when you live your life through the desire to impress other people?

🔸 Our Bad Programming got us this far – Our successes to date may have come from our flawed principles. But do they serve us forever?

🔸 What is Life Success? – Hard charging endless desire for more, or being unambitious but content?

🔸 What is Happiness? – Is eternal and constant happiness possible? What’s the formula? Does anyone know?

🔸 The Cheat Codes for Life – Do we know them? Should we want to know them? Should we embrace never knowing the ‘formula’?

🔸 Embracing Challenge, Pain and Darkness – If we cannot erase the possibility of pain, should we instead embrace it?

🔸 Stoicism vs Stupidity – The difference between enjoying meaningful hard work, versus hating the work you do

#4 – Is Life Balance Possible?

🔸 Possible to have Every Area in Life perfectly balanced?– Is this nirvana state even possible? Are people claiming to be balanced happy?

🔸 Sacrificing Things, to Achieve other Things – With success, is some destruction or neglect inevitable?

🔸 Is Striving for Balance a Worthy Goal? – Or, is the goal itself preventing meaningful fulfilment?

#5 – Understanding the Services, Value and Outcomes of Nick’s Performance Coaching offeringOptimised.life




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