#90: Freedom from Diets, Intuitive Eating & Feeding Our Kids ~Michelle Katasi

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She’s back! Michelle is back on the mics to represent women and mothers – a skill I’ve yet to master!

Joking aside, it’s often the case on podcasts like AdapNation that they can become male-dominated in voice, thoughts and in some cases male-centric topics. I like to think what we talk about is accessible to everyone, with little male-bias, but it does absolutely miss the mark with adequately expressing female perspectives.

Today, Michelle joins us to give an update on where things are with her nutritionally and physically. She’s in a really good place right now with food, nutrition, health and appreciation for her body, but that absolutely hasn’t always been the case.

So, we dig into her historical issues, and how she is now being driven by intuitive wellbeing. We also talk about feeding our kids to thrive, and how Michelle has navigated their transition to a way of eating that they love, and as a result are flourishing across all aspects of their development.

Here’s what we discuss:

🔸Michelle’s current Way of Eating– What she eats, doesn’t eat, guiding principles, flexibility and listening to her body

🔸The Freedom of Intuitive Eating – Michelle’s journey of mistakes, knowledge and now being guided by intuition. Is she a canary in the coal mine?

🔸Michelle’s Previous Food & Eating Issues – Good habits gone bad. Unhealthy food relationships. Active punishment. Walking through her nutritional and health timeline.

🔸The Mental & Physical Benefits of Fasting Sporadically – What Michelle gets from intuitive and non-scheduled fasting practices

🔸The Turning Point for Michelle – Coming to terms with lifestyle induced Hypothyroidism and Shingles

🔸From Calorie and Volume Restriction… to Nutrient Density! – What drove the switch to prioritising essential nutrients, and mental challenges along the way

🔸Michelle’s Current Relationship with Weighing Scales, Physique and Calorie Counting – Turning unhealthy practices into valuable tools whilst embracing her natural shape

🔸The Need to Question and not Blindly Follow the Guidelines – In spite of going against many dietary recommendations, she’s healthy, feeling good and with perfect blood work

🔸Feeding Our Kids to Thrive – Michelle’s justifications on their diet, challenging what ‘kids like and should eat’, what they eat, and building in hedonistic flexibility

🔸How we Managed Their Transition to a Whole Foods ‘Clean Diet’ – The process and emotions, the why, the benefits and the decisions we make when eating out at social events

🔸Giving Kids the Choice to make the right choice for Their Bodies – How they are listening to their bodies. Self-regulation and rationing. Being involved in the kitchen. Taking ownership for feeling rough after making the wrong decisions

I’ll leave you with the wise words of our youngest. “Let’s ask Tummy want Tummy wants” ~Keira Katasi


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