#70: Making Your Work-Life Healthier with Alex Hind (GoSweat CEO)

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Mental health and wellbeing is becoming a hot topic globally, as we grapple with the consequences of stress-inducing lifestyles, increasingly demanding jobs and lack of mental down time.

And yes, your health and wellness is on you to own, but employers and market makers have a big role to play in how they shape societal norms and pressures.

So, on a consistent thread of self-optimisation, we focus this episode on the employer, and how prioritising wellness and wellbeing could have a profound impact to their companies performance. After all, happy and healthy employees produce better work, care more for their peers, and stay longer.

To bring this conversation to life, Steve talks with Alex Hind, the CEO of GoSweat. Alex is a young British entrepreneur on a mission to improve the individuals wellbeing.

GoSweat offers employers a buffet-style marketplace of 1000’s of fitness activities, all available through their website, enabling organisations to gift a huge choice of physical activities to their valued staff. I pretty amazing idea – one that is really resonating with people.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Getting to know Alex Hind- from a sport-obsessed childhood to the realities of a pressured career where fitness had to drop

2️⃣ The gap in the market- From Alex’s personal experience, the need for a fitness marketplace became apparent

3️⃣ Getting to know GoSweat- The mission, the service today and the fitness freedom the service creates

4️⃣ Are Employers doing enoughfor their staff’s wellbeing?

5️⃣ The ROI struggles- bottom-up justification of increased Wellbeing investments in organisations

6️⃣ Employees expect more- How culture and care are now important factors for new employees

7️⃣ Innovative incentives and encouragement- How leading companies are positively starting to shift their workplace wellbeing

8️⃣ Wellbeing = Better Productivity- The growing connection between Wellbeing and Company Performance , and how change needs to start from the top down

9️⃣ Steve’s burning the candle from both ends – Steve’s personal realisation of how much potential has been missed in his career, due to de-prioritising wellness

🔟 BONUS – How Alex sank his car…

Learning More About Alex & GoSweat:


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