#68 – Women’s Q&A with Bret Contreras (The Glute Guy)

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This episode is a BIG DEAL! We’ve got the one and only Bret Contreras (aka The Glute Guy) on the mics to answer some female listener questions regarding training and getting in great shape.

Bret is a sport scientist, a distinguished strength & conditioning coach, author, prolific online writer and an inventor. Yes, this man single handedly designed, promoted and made popular the Hip Thrust and the large arsenal of glute training work you see everywhere today.

12.5 years ago Bret invented the Hip Thrust, and since then he’s gone from strength to strength. With over 840K online followers, millions of people training the weighted hip thrust, and 1000’s of women he’s personally trained and coached, Bret has changed the face of strength training more than anyone else over the last 20 years.

If you’re a fan of Bret and his work you’ll really enjoy this chat. More importantly, if you’re a woman (or train women) and are looking for advice on how to create your best body, then this episode should be right up your alley!

Here’s what we discuss

0️⃣ Getting to know Bret- his approach to giving, helping and contributing online. His invention, journey and impact. Bret’s struggles with online hate, and more.

Women Listener Q&A (32mins onwards)

1️⃣ How do women address stubborn fat around glutes and thighs?

2️⃣ Glute and Thigh recomposition – Is it possible?

3️⃣ Bret’s view on steady state cardio – is it helping or hindering?

4️⃣ What to do if you struggle with Glute activation and sensation whilst training?

5️⃣ What are the key fundamentals to achieving a women’s body and physique goals?

Learning More About Bret Contreras

▪︎ Instagram: @bretcontreras1

▪︎ Online Training Program: Booty By Bret

▪︎ Main Website and Newsletter sign-up – https://bretcontreras.com

▪︎ Youtube Channel: Bretcontreras1

▪︎ The Glute Lab Book – Bret Contreras

▪︎ Stronger Curves Book – Bret Contreras

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