#51: Ed Djafer – From Moobs to Top Online Coach, Author, Physique Competitor & pioneering 30mins Hypertrophy Workouts

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Ed Djafer fell in love with fitness in his early twenties, in response to being deeply saddened by his confidence-destroying physique. Many of us have had this low moments too, when we resolve to change, and enough is enough.

As an ongoing student of fitness and running fitness businesses over the last 10 years, Ed has transformed his body and confidence and built a successful PT and online coaching business. He’s competed in Physique competitions five times, and is also an author of a fitness book called The Muscle & Hustle Method.

If you’re looking for clues on how to develop and progress your fitness business, curious on what motivates people to take massive action, and also to hear of Ed’s approach to getting busy entrepreneurs in shape, then this episode is absolutely worth a listen.

This is what we cover

1️⃣ Ed’s back story – Why the fitness industry? When it clicked for Ed? When his business took off.

2️⃣ What has changed in Ed’s philosophy, coaching guidance and personal fitness-related habits over last 5-10 years

3️⃣ Digging into the idea and value of his quick and intense 30min Hypertrophy workouts?

4️⃣ Ed’s approach to coaching clients for real change, and the difference between Coaching & Personal Training

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