#40: Expedience vs Meaningful Action, Levels To #BeYourBest, Finding Life’s Purpose, Kids Growth & More

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This is a beauty of a philosophical, meaningful and thought provoking conversation between Bryn & Steve. A natural, curious and reflective conversation – one you most probably would enjoy being part of. We’d love to carry on the dialog, so get in touch via the Facebook page if you’ve got something to add or question.

It’s a continual in-flow chat hitting on:

1️⃣ Kids Growth – Helping your kids grow and take accountability at a young age

2️⃣ Morning Rituals – Morning routines being the key to consistent high achievement

3️⃣ Expediency vs Meaningful Action – The choice immediate gratification and actions that bring deep value ~25mins thru

4️⃣ Transformation – Steve’s personal transformation driven by attaching to more meaningful actions ~40mins thru

5️⃣ #BeYourBest Meaning – The levels of being your best – 1st – compete with others, 2nd – compete with yourself, 3rd – care and love for your future self ~54mins thru

6️⃣ Finding Life’s Purpose & Drive – attaching to Nature’s higher purpose – evolution. To advance, as one ~60mins thru


A little more detail into the conversation:

1️⃣ We get things started by Steve talking about his kids summer break from school, and how with some planning and careful motivation, they’ve managed to enjoy growing and developing over the last six weeks.

2️⃣ That leads us into talking about the importance of morning routines for kids and adults, and the impact a consistent morning ritual has had on Steve’s daily energy and performance.

3️⃣ We then get into discussing the concept of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Order Consequences, which is really about understand the cause and effect of your actions, be it positive or negative. This is about immediate gratification and the value of attaching current decisions to a longer term more meaningful goal. We chat about the gym, cold showers, binging, reading, foam rolling, eating to thrive and article writing.

4️⃣ Steve shares the impact that has been felt in his life by orienting around 3rd Order consequences, and how he has converted un-enjoyable activities into things he loves due to this reframing.

5️⃣ Then we chat about the #BeYourBest mission at AdapNation, and the varying levels of considering and acting against this objective. First Order – Compete with others. Second Order – Compete with yourself from yesterday. Third Order – Care for our future self like you do your kids, partner and pets!. Paying it forward.

6️⃣ We then close on Higher Purpose, and understanding the bigger machine at play – Nature. What’s Nature’s higher purpose? It’s to evolve, to advance evolution by helping species develop, grow, adapt & prosper. How does that relate to humans? Can you, one out of 7.6 billion people who exists for a tiny fraction of earth’s life have a worthwhile impact? We conclude that you, everyone, can have a meaningful and significant impact. It’s all of our duty to do so, to pay it forward in our own way. Time to abandon selfishness and self-pity and think about how we can contribute to the advancement of humanity.

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