#34: What Is Progressive Overload, All The Ways To Do It & Bryn’s Dramatic Spanish Holiday

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A foundational concept of getting stronger and developing muscle is Progressive Overload.

If this is not respected, that result in the gym will be at best random, and at worst non-existent.

Steve and Bryn have learnt the hard way. Many ways of ‘wasted’ effort and pain in the gym, all for little to no progressive towards the physique goals we had.

So, in the spirit of increasing our Gym IQ, this podcast chat goes into what is Progressive Overload, how to think about it in everyday life, and then on to tall the ways you can think about progressively overloading in the gym.

Before we get into that discussion, for ~20mins, Bryn shares his big-group holiday in Spain – the good, the beautiful, and the stressful. Pretty shocking, and some lessons to take from his experience…

Here’s what we cover on Progressive Overload, with many examples and personal anecdote to help drive the points home:

1️⃣ – What is Progressive Overload?

2️⃣ – How it relates to every day life

3️⃣ – How to make sure you are Progressively Overloading

4️⃣ – The Progressive Overload Formula

5️⃣ – The 6 ways to Progressively Overload from week-to-week

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