#63: A Sleep Masterclass with Nick Littlehales, Elite Athlete Sleep Coach

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A long one, but well worth the listen as Nick Littlehales drops some profound knowledge bombs about sleep and recovery!

Nick Littlehales is a sleep coach to world-class athletes, is an author, runs a successful sleep coaching service to the masses and is a crusader of Sleep, with 22 years under his belt.

Through my journey of self-optimisation, I stumbled across just how much I was being let down by being chronically sleep deprived. Running on fumes and adrenaline, wearing myself out, making myself sick, and being a shadow of my true self.

Fast forward to today, sleep and recovery is sacred to me, and I am more capable and giving that I have ever been. It’s embracing the lessons from Nick where things really started to change.

I encourage you to intently listen in and hang off of Nick’s guidance – to be a healthier more capable you, but most importantly…. to help our kids and the younger generations navigate an increasingly demanding, wired and 24×7 culture they are growing up in. They soon will be our leaders, and hopefully will bring a movement where sleep and recovery is embraced for maximal performance and enjoyment.

Here’s what we talk about

1️⃣ Getting to know Nick– How he became a Sleep Expert to Alex Ferguson’s Man United and Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal in the ’90’s

2️⃣ Every year has been presenting new problems – The changes in social and corporate norms in the last 20 years

3️⃣ The Forgotten Pillar to Health – In a world where we have gyms, supplements, diets, gadgets etc… why is it not working?

4️⃣ The enormous evolutionary impact of the Circadian Rhythm – What is it? Why does it matter? How to align and manage?

5️⃣ Understand Your and your Kids Chronotypes – The reality that there are Larks and Owls, and that cannot be ignored

6️⃣Indicators and consequences of being Sleep Deprived – Learn about the mental, physical, wellness and emotional impacts

7️⃣ The power of Naps and finding your ‘mowing the lawn’ moments – Understanding why and how to get mental & physical recovery during the day

8️⃣Throwing away the 8h nighttime sleep rule away– and how to think about sleep and recovery in a refreshing way

9️⃣ Your Pre-Bed routing starts the moment you wake up– Listen to Nick’s tips on how to deliberately plan for great sleep and recovery

🔟 Tech-driven ‘Orthosomnia’ – Understand the positive and negative impacts when trying to measure your sleep

Where to Learn More about Nick Littlehales & his services:

▪︎ The Website, where you can get a R90 Sleep Consultation –  www.sportsleepcoach.com

▪︎ The Book Sleep – a best selling sleep coaching read

▪︎ Sport Sleep Coach socials – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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