#64: Which should I do – Strength or Hypertrophy Training?

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This is the kind of discussion and set of facts I wish heard many years ago, prior to even lifting my first set of weights.

There is so much confusion as it relates to the ‘best’ way to train in the gym to get bigger and stronger – part by design from the industry, and part because there are dogmatic folk who just believe in their method.

So, this conversation attempts to lay some solid foundational knowledge, so you can understand the difference between true Strength Training vs Hypertrophy training, including the benefits, distinctions, similarities, use cases and downsides.

At the end of this Podcast, you’ll understand the most important thing – that resistance training has a spectrum of modalities that amplify certain benefits more than others, and deliberately working throughout that spectrum is how to keep making progress, year after year.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Steve & Bryn’s progress and surprise benefits with their current Hypertrophy training blocks

2️⃣ Definition of Strength Training vs Hypertrophy Training

3️⃣ Body Adaptation & Training Benefits of each training style

4️⃣ Which Training style to choose (first/predominantly) based on 8 common Use Cases

5️⃣ The Circular Loop – Do you get Bigger by getting Stronger or do you get Stronger by getting Bigger?

6️⃣ The Personal Factors that will determine whether Strength vs Hypertrophy training is right currently

7️⃣ Should you consider mixing both styles within a single session?


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