#59: Understanding Your Personality & Training Neurotype for Long-Term Habit Change

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New Year. New You. Right?

Well, yes and no.

What motivates action and defines our personality is pretty hard-wired by about 5 years old. Sorry if you don’w want to hear it, but you can’t change who you are. But you CAN change how you act, if you first understand who you are – including what makes you tick and your inherent ‘weaknesses’.

As so many people make a New Years Resolution that involves fitness, getting in shape and general health, this episodes touches on two critical self-awareness aspects that if understood could be massive leverage for you this year.


We talk how different people get accountability from different places and means, and how long-term training adherence can be achieved if you understand your Neurotype.

Here’s the flow of the discussion:

A Shaky Start To The New Year:

1️⃣ Have you had a ‘flappy’ start to the new year? Anticipating failure and setbacks

2️⃣ The New Year Fitness-Kick Industry trend

3️⃣ Having a Theme(s), showing up, being kind to yourself, knowing your why…

The Four Tendencies

Who/What holds you Accountable to take action? ~16:00 (40min)

4️⃣ The Four Tendencies – which one are you?

5️⃣ Understanding the differences in motivation between Upholder, Obliger, Questioner and Rebel

6️⃣ How to manage your Tendency and leverage it (vs trying to change who you are)

The Four Tendencies: Which are you? (as defined by Gretchen Ruben)
The Four Tendencies: Which are you? (as defined by Gretchen Ruben)

The Five Training Neurotypes

Which modality of training suits your body and maximises adherence? ~56:00 (13min)

7️⃣ Understanding The Training Neurotypes – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B & 3.

8️⃣ Do you prefer slow grinding sets, explosive movement, novelty, tons of reps or consistency?

9️⃣ The best workout plan for getting bigger/leaner/stronger is the the plan that…

Oh, and you get to hear Bryn & Steve’s personal self-awareness as we identify with these descriptions and expose how we show up based on our Tendency & Neurotype.

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