#58: Ben Coomber – Health, Happiness, Achievement & Balance with UK’s Leading Nutritionist

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A fantastic interview with the well-known UK health & fitness leader Ben Coomber.

Ben is one of the top UK Nutritionist leaders and general leader in the UK Health & Fitness Space, with 12 years under his belt and a strong social media following. If you’re a PT or Fitness Professional, it’s very likely that you would have heard of Ben Coomber.

His Podcast Ben Coomber Radio is often featured as the iTunes Number 1 UK Health Podcast. His fantastic supplement Awesome Supplements makes the best tasting Vegan protein globally, and continues to go from strength to strength. Ben’s Professional Nutritionist Course is considered one of the best you can take, and is incredibly insightful.

Moreover, Ben is a relatable and pragmatic guy, who believes in balance, honesty and getting after your dreams.

In this episode, we peer into Ben’s life and expose some perspectives that he has not shared before. A great episode for fans of Ben, or those who want both an introduction to Ben’s work and are seeking ever improving personal health.

Ben gives his honest answers to the following Q’s:

1️⃣ Where on the Spectrum is Ben Coomber – from Biokhacker to Entertainer?

2️⃣ How does Ben think about Balance vs Optimal

3️⃣ As a ‘veteran’ health pro, what is Health for Ben?

4️⃣ How does he tread the line between Motivating and Judging his audience?

5️⃣ What is his Self Talk like? Is it always positive and helpful?

6️⃣ Is Happiness a permanent state, or is it fleeting?

7️⃣ What ways does Ben rely on to get into flow state?

8️⃣ What needs to change to help us navigate the ever noisy and stressful Information Age?

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