#57: Xmas Mindset Special – Reflecting, Visualising & Planning For A Great Year

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I hope the break with friends and family has/was everything you hoped it would be, and you’ve taken the time to decompress and have fun.

For many, this extended break that we share with most of the country gives us a unique time to to not be owned by work pressure, and perhaps reflect on the year, as well as consider the future.

This episode is intended to support and relate to this common space we find ourselves in at this time fo the year, by asking some thought provoking questions of you and us – to set off a spark of gratitude from all we experienced this year, and seed a little excitement about the possibilities you could experience in the year ahead.

Consider it your New Years Resolution brainstorming – but this time we’re both going to keep to these important themes and goals we set ourselves…

Here’s what we cover:

1️⃣ What Christmas means to us

2️⃣ Reflection –

Are you satisfied with 2018, without regrets? Were there setbacks? Did you spend enough time with the people we care about? What were all your magic moments? How have you changed and developed?

3️⃣ Your 2019 Theme – Your North Star – 

What is your Theme for the year? What will make you proud and happy on Xmas 2019? Do you want to Be More, Do More, Give More? What skills and attributes need to be developed? Preventing negative self-talk derailing progress.

4️⃣ Starting The Ball Rolling –

High-Level Milestone Setting. Not confusing a Goal with a Plan. Not Planning (yet) – instead avoiding overwhelm by small incremental action now. What resources, mentors, help do you need to seek out?

5️⃣ Quick introduction to DEC-18 Gents & Ladies #HyperWorkouts – A potential training programme to get you starting in the new year.

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  1. Great stuff Steve… I think that you can feel amazing about what you and your family have achieved this year. 2019 looks like a time when your enthusiasm and knowledge can make a hell of a difference to a lot of peoples’ lives. I won’t bother wishing you Good Luck… that infers that you aren’t totally responsible for the outcomes… which I believe you are – I’ll wish you fabulous success! Cheers, Martin

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