#50: Bryn’s Exposé: His Semi-Private Gym, Authority Issues, Developing Masculinity, 2018 Struggles & Raw Personal Feedback

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When’s the last time you’ve asked for really honest and raw feedback, from someone who knows you well? About your strengths, your weaknesses, and the things they don’t like so much?

When’s the last time you reflected on how you are showing up, and whether you are truly happy with how you handle yourself today?

These are tough questions, and it takes courage to be exposed to some home truths. But these home truths could catapult you into a new exciting part of your life, where you become version 2.0.


Well, that’s the conversation Bryn Jenkins had today – ON AIR! It took balls, he wasn’t looking forward to it, but I think it was both therapeutic and liberating for Bryn, as he now sees what he needs to go do, to become the man that lights him up inside.

This is what we talk about:

Bryn’s HUUUUUGE News!

  • He’s picked up the keys today…
  • Starting a new wave of training within the UK fitness industry
  • What is Semi-Private Training, the setup and the value to the people

Bryn’s Exposé (25mins onwards)

1️⃣ Reflecting on the amount of change and growth in 2018 personally

2️⃣ Struggling with being vulnerability, and wanting everyone to like him

3️⃣ Getting sick of being Mr. Nice Guy and lacking the respect of others

4️⃣ The struggle with proactively dealing with confrontation

5️⃣ Being the butt of other peoples jokes. Enough’s enough

6️⃣ Struggling to get voice heard in a group

7️⃣ How becoming a husband has starting the ball of change rolling

8️⃣ At a crossroad – exchanging Comfort for Discomfort, to help advance his future

9️⃣ What does he think his Wife’s Dad, his Best Mate, and his ‘Enemies’ would say of Bryn? Good and bad?

Bryn’s Opportunity For Growth

  • Ready to rebrand – Bryn 2.0. What that sounds like
  • Starting to find the real Bryn. Accepting it, loving it, and refining it
  • Becoming a Man. Owning his masculinity. How?
  • How to think about commanding more respect, have more authority, and not always wanting to please

Correction: Didn’t mean two and half a men. Meant to be Three Men and A Baby, and referring to Tom Selleck!

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