#49: Are Wearable Devices & Health Tracking Tech Worth It? & Steve’s Magic Tech Experience in Disney World!

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Is it worth considering a wearable device such as a watch or ring, or get into the data and insights from these health-related monitoring and tracking applications?

That’s what we get into in this episode, as we explore the impact wearable tech and tracking apps have had on Steve’s training, wellness, nutrition and day-to-day life over the last couple of years, and the potential of for this space over the coming years.

The reality is, people have, and can continue to manage their lives, health and body shape without tech, data and added complexity. That said, does this new technology help you achieve your goals faster, more precisely and inform you in ways your basic intuition cannot?

This conversation actually flowed naturally from discussing Steve’s most recent family trip to Disney World – the experience, the magic, the logistics, the service and… the technology.

Here’s what we discuss:

Disney World (first 25mins):

  • How Steve surprised the girls fo the trip
  • The art, science and logistics of created ‘Magic’
  • Incredible highlights of Harry Potter World, Toy Story Land & Pandora
  • How the cutting edge technology of wearables, apps and sensors transformed the experience…

The Scoop On Wearable & Health Tracking Technology (25:30 mins onwards):

1️⃣  Smart Watches – are they just a fad and gimmick? Do they make a positive difference?
2️⃣  Steve’s unease of walking away from beautifully crafted wrist watches
3️⃣  What do you end up really using these wearables for, day to day?
4️⃣  Are they accurate on calories, heart rate, distance etc, and does it matter?
5️⃣  Are wearable building up intuition and awareness, or are they making us ‘dumb’ to common sense?
6️⃣  Where is the wearable space going – Rings, Microbiome Testing, Glucose Monitoring, the nirvana dashboard…
7️⃣  How your heritage and DNA combined with this new tech could have answers to personalised optimal nutrition

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