#48: Michelle’s Experience Bulking to Fix Her Metabolism & Recompose Her Body Shape

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She’s back again, after popular demand!

Michelle Katasi joins this podcast to have an open an honest discussion about her experience of recently going on a ‘Bulk’ – a mild calorie surplus whilst progressively overloading with Weight Training.

It’s a controversial approach that is met with huge initial resistance, as the mere idea of purposely eating more calories than you need for a woman goes against all the media and social conditioning related to having a ‘good’ body.

However, there comes a point in time for ladies where the downward spiral of Eat Less Move More stops working, or worse, can make you ill. And, if you get inspired by some of those #Instafit influencer female physiques, the truth is many have packed up a reasonable amount of muscle over the years to achieve the look.

So, as Michelle has followed the Break-The-Mould Body Plan as well as the AUG-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts over the last 10 weeks, it’s time to let you guys into the truth. Has it been great, ok, or a waste of time? Has she balled out of control from a weight perspective, or is she in a good place?

Michelle covers:

1️⃣ Why she felt compelled to start a Bulk

2️⃣ Her apprehensive feelings before starting

3️⃣ The specifics of Nutrition and Training plan she followed

4️⃣ Progress she made in the gym

5️⃣ Her approach to driving accountability and pressure to progress

6️⃣ How specifically her body changed during the process

7️⃣ How she felt during and towards the end – both physically and emotionally

8️⃣ How the subsequent Cut (calorie deficit) is going

9️⃣ Where her head is at regarding he experience, and whether it has changed her approach/outlook to managing her body shape going forward

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