#46: Our Go-To Health & Fitness Apps, & the iPhone’s ‘Screen Time’ to Manage Usage

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The rapid advancement of usable everyday technology can be so liberating and enabling, and at the same time be so destructive when it comes to productivity and happiness.

Specifically, as we talk about Smart Phones, use and dependancy is spiralling out of control. That said, if you are mindful and leverage the latest features and apps, you can pull out so much goodness from your phone whilst controlling your use. That’s the essence of our discussion today.

First part of our chat talks about the latest release of iOS with an insightful and powerful feature called Screen Time. We chat about how this release allows for greater insight and management of your tech use as well as your kids. We delve into the eye opening stats of Steve’s phone use (eek), and how he intends to help curb the inevitable trend of his young kids getting addicted to their tech. Let’s face it, most of us are using our phone’s as a crutch to run, operate and distract our lives. We’re truly addicted. Features like this help highlight the issue and give us tools to manage our use. 👍

For the Second Partof the Podcast (at ~20mins in), we get into our Go-To Health & Fitness Apps we use frequently, that you too may want to look at. We’ve broken the Apps down into Four Categories:

1️⃣ Food Apps– Nutrition, Diet Management & Food Inspiration

2️⃣ Training Apps– Programmes, Workout Tracking, Accountability, Running, HIIT Training etc

3️⃣ Rest Apps– Guided Meditation, Sleep Tracking, Device Use Management

4️⃣ Overall Stats, Dashboards & Other Apps– Apple’s Health App, Apple’s Screen Time etc

Lastly, we chat about our Tech Wish List (at ~58mins in) – where we’d like to see technology go to make things even better, faster and easier to use smart tech to advance our health, fitness and wellness.

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