#42: Kevin Thiele Analyses Steve’s Talents & Non-Strengths with Data & Coaching

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What a cracker of a discussion! In this Episode I am joined by Talent & Strengths Coach Kevin Thiele, founder of Salescode.co.uk and whose mission it to help manage high performance sales teams.

After I performed a Psychometric online assessment called CliftonStrengths, Kevin joined me to perform a live readout call of my report, where we bare all about my personality type – warts and all!

This is a great chat, as it combines healthy debate with honesty, vulnerability, humour and an insanely accurate assessment of how we both show up as people in very different ways.

In actual fact, Kevin and I worked within the same industry and were aware of each other for many years. Both carved out a successful career in IT Sales, yet our talents are surprisingly different. How can two very different people play the same game and be successful at it? We explore this and much more in this fascinating discussion.

Here’s what you can expect to listen in on

With links to the Psychometric Assessment and links to Kevin’s online presence below:

1️⃣ Difference between Talents, Strengths, Skills and Weaknesses

2️⃣ Success comes from Excellence. Excellence and satisfaction comes from leveraging talents

3️⃣ You can be moderately successful without talent… but unlikely

4️⃣ What is Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment and how is it different? Calls out your Talents and where your strengths are assessed within 30mins.

5️⃣ Steve and Kevin sharing good and bad stories of their careers

6️⃣ Describing Steve’s TOP 5 Strength Themes, and how they can be Leveraged AND Abused

7️⃣ Steve’s surprising lack of Relationship Building and Communication in his Top 5

8️⃣ Compassion vs Empathy – Can you develop compassion if your empathy is naturally low?

9️⃣ Accept yourself – your strengths and non strengths. As opposed to comparing yourself with others

🔟 Our people annoying you because they are being difficult or because they are DIFFERENT?


Many gems to listen out for:

– The 5 attributes to Success – talent, attitude, skills, knowledge, style

– Needs of followers – Hope, Trust, Stability, Compassion

– Steve & Kevin’s Individual Top 5 Talent Themes

– Steve’s full 34 Talent Themes Report & Blog – See https://AdapNation.io/blog

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