#41: Truth About Getting ‘Rock Hard Six-Pack’ Abs & Bryn Getting A Puppy

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We’ve all seen and probably succumb to those ‘Rock Hard Abs’ and ‘Get A Six Pack’ adverts during our lifetimes – those marketers know how to get guys to act and spend money!

Abs are the definition of sexiness and good health in modern times, and it’s universally considered by men that abs are what women want. It’s funny that what men think women want and what women find attractive is usually quite different… 🤣

But let’s be clear, Abs are here to stay as part of societies image of health, athleticism and physical attractiveness. And we at AdapNation embrace looking good naked!

So, in this episode, we walk you through what you need to know. From the misconceptions, low priority stuff, and unrealistic online photos through to the key tenants behind building a strong, healthy and sexy core.

A. What people typically do when they are their Six-Pack mission

B. Some Ineffective Activities for Ab development

C. The Key Tenants to a great Six-Pack Look

1️⃣ Diet, Leanness & Body Fat Percentages

2️⃣ The Online Lie – Lighting, Oil, Bronzing, Angles, Post Production

3️⃣ Posture & Bloating

4️⃣ How to Purposefully Progressively Overload Your Abs

5️⃣ Core vs Abs – What’s the difference? What Are The Training Differences?

6️⃣ Heavy Compound Lifting & Whether Ab Isolation / Crunch Work is Needed.


15-20min CHIT-CHAT🐕 – We kick this episode off taking about dogs. Specifically, Bryn is looking to get himself a Puppy. We chat about our youth with dogs, Steve’s stupid (but fast) Whippets, and how we are pretty similar to dogs in our fight-or-flight instinctive reactions.

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