#36: What Supplements Should I Take For Building Muscle AND Wellness?

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Step one – lets get the diet in check. Reduce the foods that cause your body stress and amplify all the tasty nutritious food that can have you thrive. Food is powerful stuff, and when done right you can rid yourself of symptoms and diseases, as well as making you feel on fire – ready to own every day.

That said, there is a place for Supplementation, to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet, and act as an insurance policy that helps have all your bases covered. Moreover, there are some supplements that provide benefits not easily extracted from common western diets, and as such stand out for their ability to further boost your wellness and vitality.

This episode carries on the conversation from AdapNation Episode 35 (The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Progress Update), as Steve walks Bryn through the Supplement ‘stack’ he takes for optimal wellness, as well as some interesting insights into the global health decline and Steve’s real why behind caring so much about nutrition.

The Supplements discussed are broken down into these categories:

1️⃣ -Supporting Muscle Growth & Performance

2️⃣ – Assisting Rest & Recovery from Training

3️⃣ – Supporting General Wellness

4️⃣ -Boosting Optimal Wellness (the ‘weird’ stuff)

5️⃣ – Supplement-like Superfoods

This is by no means is a prescription of what you should take, not is it an exhaustive list. Instead, you’ll get to understand what Steve takes and why. This may help you better understand the supplementation strategy that’s right for you.

You can check out the list of all the supplements Steve takes in this article – Supplement Pills & Potions – Optimising Health, Energy & Gains.

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