#35: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet – What, Why and Progress Update

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In this short episode, Steve updates Bryn on the three week Anti-Inflammatory Diet that Steve, Michelle and the kids are on, in an attempt to reduce systemic inflammation and aid the regression of auto immune conditions and other commonly experienced symptoms.

This diet is simply the total avoidance of Gluten, Refined Sugars & Artificial Sweeteners and Dairy. The idea is that these foods are universally the biggest culprits behind many of the modern conditions, obesity and diseases we suffer with today, as they cause internal inflammation that creates a whole cascade of issues your body has to deal with.

It’s an incredibly hard diet to consider and prepare for (physically and mentally), and getting going is pretty brutal. However, in reality it’s not as bad as it sounds after a few days, and has some tremendous upside for you today, and most importantly your future self.

Steve chats about:

1️⃣ – The challenges of the diet. This will surprise you

2️⃣ – The rewards so far for the whole family

3️⃣ – The mind blowing movements of discovery and experience

4️⃣ – How Steve & Michelle have gamified the experience to make it exciting and enjoyable for their young kids

5️⃣ – The Bigger Why behind this diet for Steve’s kids

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