#28: Life Meaning, Having Purpose, Lessons From Religion, Work-Life Choices, Making Marriages Work, Morning Social Media, Value of Napping & Much More

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WOW, this conversation took a sharp left and didn’t return! But in a really good way.

We had other plans for todays Episode, But… it… got… interesting!!

It would have been wrong to not this conversation unfold in the random direction it took. So, here’s a mash up of topics as we get super reflective on life following Bryn’s return from his 3-week Honeymoon.

Here’s how the conversation went down:

Starts by Steve’s mentioning his bulking plateau, feeling good but getting reflective…

1️⃣- Having meaning for life and a purpose to drive intent to our actions and goals

2️⃣- Getting numb from successes. Needed a stronger and stronger stimulus

3️⃣- Bible & Faith – Gods punishment was to make us self-conscious. The good and bad of faith – life rules, lessons, dogmatism

4️⃣- Does Steve have a scale intent behind his mission, or can making a small difference to just a few be enough?

5️⃣- Wedding reflections – The transition from Boy to Man. Realisation of selfishness. Mitigating the 7 year itch. Being brutally honest

6️⃣- Honeymoon reflections – Can we have the tribal care and community of a third-world country and yet met our business and financial goals?

7️⃣- Steve’ massive pendulum swing from hyper-career focussed to family and passion first. Is it creating an internal conflict? Feeling less significant?

8️⃣- You can’t have true balance – some things need to sacrificed so you can build momentum in areas you care about. Then reprioritise.

9️⃣- Steve’s positive experience with Binaural Midday Napping and how he is now getting two mornings.

🔟- Controlling the Social Media life hijack by abstaining from Social until 10am. Steve reading a book instead first thing in the morning…

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