#19: Increasing Squat Strength– A True Masterclass

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In this Episode, you’ll experience a true masterclass in improving and strengthening your Barbell Back Squat.

Between the collective personal and professional coaching experience of Bryn and Steve, you will get walked through all the key principles, cues and preparations for having a highly effective squat that through mastering will continue to strengthen for years to come.

This Episode is geared towards people who are already enthusiastic about strength training and have some experience with Barbell Squatting, and are looking for a few gems of wisdom that can incrementally or even dramatically improve their squat performance.

We will address the five key areas for maximal Barbell Back Squats:

#1 – Priming Movement and Muscle Activation

#2 – Optimal Squat Set Up & Bracing

#3 – Squat Form – Cues & Technique

#4 – Working On Your Squat Weaknesses

#5 – Your Head Game for Maximal Lifting

As always, we dig in to some detail to help you best understand the topics and enable you with practical guidance you can try out immediately.

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